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  1. Ideal skates' holiday destination: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fornells,_Menorca
  2. Pugwash

    Kevin Danso

    Welcome Reinhard, your English is fine. Any more information you can offer would be appreciated.
  3. Before writing him off completely, I'd like to see if he can step up with a pre-season under Ralph and his team. After all he's had a series of crap coaches in his most important breakthrough and impressionable years. Pellegrino in particular seemed to want players to be 'soft-touch' in training.
  4. Pugwash

    Anyone a vegan?

    Sergei and P&M raise some good points. Personally I'm not a vegan, but i enjoy vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Indeed one of the best meals I've had this year was vegan. I subscribe to the view that we're omnivores (not carnivores Cabbage). I know someone who ate a lot of meat but wouldn't eat anything green before the age of 20. Being scrawny, pasty faced and suffering bowel problems isn't the sole privilege of vegans! One of biggest problems with western society is the increasing availability of cheap food. This has translated into larger and larger portion sizes over the years, well beyond what a human body requires for sustenance. In particular meat intake has rocketed. When i was a kid in the sixties a burger was two ounces. Then McD introduced the quarter pounder. Now any self-respecting gastro pub has 8oz burgers on the menu. Same with steaks. There's a compelling case for reducing meat production, both for health and environmental reasons
  5. Had a chat with the guys in the store. First thing they said was that the logo isnt the finished article. Rushed out for the new sponsor. The final product will be better. Apparently.
  6. Carillo will probably screw his shot towards the corner flag and Hoedt will manage to turn it into his own net...
  7. Jake now has a bit of a dilemma. Return to Saints in January, or stay at Burton for the semi-final against Citeh.
  8. Read that too. Would be a good move for him and an incentive for Poch - apparently they're close. Just need to stop Fergie from interfering.
  9. He's not. God knows i can't stand the man, but this is just a parliamentary witchhunt game. He quite clearly closes his lips twice on the second word to form the letter P twice, as in 'people'. The mouth and lip shape is all wrong for the word 'woman'. It's all a bloody pantomime anyway...
  10. Well, no wonder Liverpool keep buying our players if they're running two teams.
  11. It's my job too. Perhaps we know each other? Whilst early high-power LEDs were quite long-lived, they weren't very colour stable and a bit lacking in the red(!) part of the spectrum. Newer ones should be more efficient, stable and have a fuller spectrum. Probably needed for 4k/UHD broadcasts I guess.
  12. Pugwash

    Sci-fi Fans

    And following a massive fans campaign, the series has been picked up by Amazon for a fourth season after SyFy cancelled it. BTW, are you guys streaming season 3 from the US, hasn't been released here yet?
  13. But it's not about loyalty is it? It's about integrity and class. Everyone knows where Saints stand in the pecking order of clubs and accept that good players will move on to better and bigger things. However there's correct and respectable ways of doing that, not by having clandestine meetings for your next job, going on strike or sending your head 200 miles northwards. I suspect if it was Clyne, Lambert and Chamberlain playing in Kiev instead of Lovren, Lallana and van Duck, most of us would have been backing Liverpool.
  14. But isn't that the way we SHOULD be playing?
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