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  1. yer rite, JCB is a prem number, div 3 more like just a shovel,
  2. :lol:can't wait for the center page spread in the snooze of Micky Duck sitting on the JCB with his hard hat on.
  3. along with most of us poor bastards still watching em,
  4. still hanging in there you pony fiddling f**k:smug:
  5. Grapes for sale, any color you like, there all Green,
  6. Come on you pony fiddling fekers!!! credit, where credits due, t avoid religation by the new year, is some going:mcinnes:
  7. Nick we've flattered to deceive all season, how we managed to stay on top for as long as we did pure fluke, when Millwall took back there lone we were f**kd, the only time we have looked comfortable in a game is when the opposition has had a man sent off, Luton have legged it, can't see them slipping up the way they are playing.Barnsley can be caught,but that will be Sunderland who catch them, Best we can hope for is playoffs, and we are shyt at them.
  8. Bad day all round ponyboy,we're treading water but you seem to have slipped beneath the waves, with the games you have coming up your gonna need a life line!
  9. kin-ell one of our new boys just turned up for training on a f****n Donkey,
  10. bear bones innit!:scared:think we've run out of rabbits, looked in me hat n it's empty
  11. one wheel on my wagon n I'm still rolling along,,, oh well back to the real world, we have flattered to deceive for most of the season, if you look at the results the only games we have looked good in is when the opposition has a man sent off.:blush:still init tho.
  12. talking about FA cup games, that was a gooden last night, i reckon Dinamo would of been proud of that trick, 2-0 up and still managing to play the trophy dodging card,,,,Appy new year Nick,
  13. Mod's HTF do I get the popcorn smiley? you know the one with the bigger box. fink I'm gonna need it:smug:
  14. no thank you, been through playoffs,,,,, its not nice,
  15. you are correct, we are a third tier team,and we're doing ok in this divison, you on the other hand are meant to be a prem team so the opposition should not be "light years" ahead of you, Happy new year, scummer,
  16. yer summat your lot seems to be having difficulty with,
  17. Best to wait till full time before giving it large,
  18. smiles all round, what a start to the festive season for both our sides.
  19. oh come on hypo, you got to give him time to f**k up,,,,was a good win,
  20. and you could be getting back into the championship the same way, just can't see this new mush being your messiah,
  21. so you've given sparky the boot,,,that's handy with our harry due back from the jungle,
  22. this! it would be like your game against city, if NOT!!!! then you are in deep pooooo,
  23. Behave, the highest our lot will get is if one of the players has some appy backy on the bus,
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