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  1. I reckon the worst thing that could happen to Boris & The Conservatives is Sue Gray finds he did nothing wrong. Imagine if she does..I can’t imagine the public will just think ‘Oh fair enough, turns out he didn’t breach any rules after all’ The public will explode. If alternatively she does find he breached guidelines, I reckon people will think ‘Well yeah..we know..& just carry on’ Boris may leave .the Conservatives get a reset. In a perverse way I’m hoping he wiggles out of it..because the fallout will be immense.
  2. Hearing rumours Kraft may insist we play in triangles.
  3. Yeah 100%. I don’t doubt that there’s a chance Chelsea may find him surplus to requirements (possibly)..but there’s going to be a few clubs in for him if he carries on developing how he has. I think one more year is our best hope.
  4. I can’t imagine anyone on here thinks that? I’m actually starting to worry about some of our fans who think we have a chance of signing him..I don’t think we do!
  5. I normally see myself as the ‘Anti-Turkish’ on this board..but I’ve just seen a headline ‘England May Protest World Cup Spot once qualification is confirmed’....surely this undoes all my good work?...you may protest once qualification is confirmed?
  6. Wheels have completely fallen off.
  7. Tbh looking forward to cheaper tickets in Championship..& proper atmospheres.
  8. We played Everton away..we never get a point there..we didn’t..we played Man U at home..they’ve got a weekly wage bill that dwarves ours..got a point..we played Newcastle away..we haven’t got anything there for a few years..got another point..I’ll take that so far.
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