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  1. We played Everton away..we never get a point there..we didn’t..we played Man U at home..they’ve got a weekly wage bill that dwarves ours..got a point..we played Newcastle away..we haven’t got anything there for a few years..got another point..I’ll take that so far.
  2. So Ings left Burnley for Liverpool for the money? Is that what your saying? Did Lambert leave Bristol Rovers & join us for the money?
  3. He joined Liverpool..he’s hardly likely to get less money.
  4. Yeah, that’s a nice move for him. If Kane stays then he gets to play with one of the top strikers in the world. Good luck to him.
  5. Can you copy & paste the part where I said people On this thread dislike other races? & I disagree, I actually find your comments quite positive.
  6. I posted a couple of days ago that what I like about ‘Taking The Knee’ is that it does cause division..in a way that ‘Kick It Out’ doesn’t . It’s in peoples faces..it stops al this ‘Woke’ symbolic bullshit the Kick It Out brings.. People are uncomftable with it. Lots on here on here hate it..but it gets them talking. I’ve read the nine pages on here, read some of the comments & think, ‘Yeah I know you mate..I’ve heard this stuff all my life..& & you ain’t ever going away’..but at least you know where you stand.It’s like lifting a paving slab & seeing what’s underneath..& I
  7. ..and of course Hypo it did help deliver your ‘Peado/Swastika analogy..which after the Ted Bates statue is my favourite Saintsweb forum moment! Salut Sir!
  8. Well..we’re on page 6 of talking about the issue..on a thread called ‘Supporting Players Taking The Knee’
  9. One of the reasons I like ‘Taking The Knee’ over ‘Kick It Out’ is that it forces people to confront the issue. The people on here who hate ‘taking the knee’ tend to say ‘let’s go back to Kick It Out’. It’s unthreatening, players wear rainbow laces, multicultural mascots..etc...Ironically it’s the kind of ‘Woke’ bollocks that the people who want it back, usually hate ‘Taking The Knee makes some people uncomfortable..which I think is quite healthy. I like the fact that people on here are putting forward arguments why booing the knee is positive.At least it gets people talking about the issue. ‘K
  10. This has to be the worst analogy in the history of the human race. So you’re presenting a scenario where there’s a ‘down with Peados group’ ..ok so far so good..then you’ve turned the analogy up a notch by adding a ‘and we’re all waving swastikas’ element. You’re whole analogy is so brutally flawed I don’t even know where to begin..
  11. Nuno..Nuno,Nuno...Nuno,Nuno..Nuno..THERE’S NO LIMITS!
  12. I just said ‘If’, young man. We’ve had a few great escapes ourself. 3 wins out of five is not really an unstoppable winning run. That would also include possibly two defeats.
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