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  1. At least there only censoring Fairytale, rather than banning the whole song. I guess people were a bit more delicate back in 1984!
  2. Well you seem unhappy about the latest ban..so why wouldn’t you have been unhappy 36 years ago? Assuming you were around.
  3. You lads must have been fuming when the BBC banned Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax’ in 1984.
  4. Do you think certain ethnicity groups in Britain favour some professions over others? I don’t know the answer to that btw. Give some examples, you may be right.
  5. I would class hanging people & burning crosses as pathologically racist..& muttering about foreigners as racist. Racist would be my jump off point..& then maybe increasingly levels...my scale wouldn’t drop below racist .But thats just my scale. I mean if I was a foreigner and someone was muttering about me I would think ‘That’s racist’ I wouldn’t be downgrading it.
  6. ‘Not especially racist’ is that a thing? That sounds a bit murky! At what point does ‘Not especially racist’ tip over to racist?..or is it the new ‘I’m not racist but.....’
  7. I agree with you guys, clearly PC victim. I mean he correctly states that different races have different career aspirations.That right isn’t it? I mean when you go to London most Afro Caribbean’s work in McDonald’s rather than IT for the FA, which as he states is mostly Asians, therefore it’s clear people from Afro Caribbean descent would rather work in McDonald’s than IT. Can someone explain why he’s been sacked? And the he previously said footballers coming out as gay is a lifestyle choice...which it probably is..so again..why has he been sacked? And he had previously said institutionalised
  8. Cheers mate..so you’ve padded along you’re mums box room..in your semen stained boxer shorts..sat down in your little gamer chair..& typed something that you literally have no knowledge of. Brilliant.
  9. Can take time. Can you remind us of your experience in respect of building up professional footballers fitness. Yeah thought not.
  10. F*ck me when did Saints fans become such pussies? You should have been around in the Shipperley\Gordon Watson era. We used to pray for an injury to those two smurfs.
  11. wadesmith


    I’ve probably completely misunderstood your post..& apologies if I have..but what are the other options apart from living or dying?
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