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  1. I just said ‘If’, young man. We’ve had a few great escapes ourself. 3 wins out of five is not really an unstoppable winning run. That would also include possibly two defeats.
  2. If Fulham beat Burnley, Newcastle and us, then things might get interesting.
  3. 3 wins in 20 games. I’m sorry but if they were the first 20 games of the season, then Ralph would have been gone a few games ago.
  4. OBE for Jesse Lingard..& probably sports personality of the year surely?
  5. The difference being (& I’m being generous here as I’m not sure if inviting random teams from Europe would be a good idea)..but the difference being it wouldn’t be a closed shop..you would live & die by your success..whereas in the ESL you don’t. The whole things mental, how many times have Spurs,City & Athetico Madrid won the European cup?
  6. Fair play to Jesse Lingard, saw the iceberg approaching, didn’t want any part of it, jumped to West Ham. That’s integrity.
  7. Ok..saying what you posted was ‘bollocks’ was harsh & I apologise. I been debating what you said since my post..& it is an interesting point, essentially what I think you are saying is that not all people who post racist abuse are racist, but are just doing it because they know it will get a reaction (although I think that is a very fine line)...& you can’t really post racist abuse about a white footballer..or at least it’s more difficult. So my thoughts are where do we draw the line? Using you’re theory are we to assume it’s impossible to tell if someone’s racist, as they may actu
  8. I’ve been on this site 14 years...& I’ve read some absolute bollocks in my time...but not even you believe what you’ve just typed...& yes I would ban anyone who abuses a player if it’s based on race or not. Want to abuse Lallana about his son?..great..you’re banned.
  9. The reason that people type racist abuse on Twitter is because the person typing it is racist.
  10. Need go up the energy levels.
  11. Well, yeah, I guess it comes from living in an area of fairly high poverty levels..where, suprise, suprise the bookmakers/slot machines fill the high street. I understand you’re comment..I guess I’ve just seen so many lives/families destroyed by gambling in the last 10 years, that It’s starting to cut deep. I understand the counter arguments, I’ve heard them a million times ‘Well it’s personal choice’....but it’s gone beyond that for me It’s easy to be flippant, I’m flippant myself about other issues that effect other people. This has always been a tough subject for me.
  12. I have such a problem with sports betting. I think when advertising online gambling is finally banned, we will look back in 5 years & wonder how it was ever allowed? In the mobile phone age gambling is lethal. At least you can normally tell if someone’s got a drug or alcohol problem. Gambling is a silent disease. 18 year olds..80 yearold..men..women, it’s fucking lethal. There’s a reason they advertise all those mobile gambling sites in the afternoon when people aren’t working, And it’s not as simple as personal choice. These companies spend millions researching how to make these things as
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