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  1. Anybody remember '73/'74 ??? We were 3rd in the table, then the slide began ...... Relegated on last day of season. Many fans saw it coming ......but no one else believed it would happen to US BUT ........ Ms Leibherr and the Chinese Takeaway bloke have bought well ......... we should be average in the Chumpionship Same old story ........NO real Investment, and certainly NO AMBITION People will only believe on the last day of This season DeJa Vu Why can't we attract a Saudi Prince ???
  2. For All The Bottom Feeders " Pompey Chimes" 2019/20 " Stay down Pompey, Pompey stay down " (Repeat till voice gives out )
  3. What he meant to say was ....... " I have managed to reduce our debt by selecting the highest of our unpaid bills, and redirecting them to the Waste Paper Basket " Sorted 'innit
  4. Until they ARE relegated to the Conference, then, Yes, they will have still gotten away with it I sincerely hope that Northampton will find some "Balls" other than the playing one.
  5. Not quite the same IMHO Krap On Fart will be Surrounded. with "restrictive" access involving passing by Tesco's I know "every little 'elps", but that's taking things to the extreme. Not only that. I wonder what all the " 'Elf n Safety" experts will say ?
  6. Serious question .... does anyone know what Tesco's actually think of having a "Football Ground" right next to their brand new retail outlet ?? For example, how happy are they at the thought of Pompey "Football Fans" milling around their Shop, on their way to Krap Not Arf ?? Great for Business ...... not
  7. Or ..... Johnstones paint ....... Oh what irony
  8. He's right................. next time, don't threaten ...... just do it FActless allen ..... giving Tw*ts a bad name
  9. Plus, the question of actually getting to the "stadium", from the Health and Safety viewpoint And, surely Tesco's wouldn't want hordes of twelve fingered inbreds nipping in to pinch some free fags on matchdays ?
  10. I'd forgotten about that .................. refresh my memory, exactly what percentage of the "Club" do their "fans" own ??
  11. Richie Barker .... Excuse No 873 " ..... I can't understand it, because of the terrible weather, we trained on an Astroturf pitch all week. ...... then on match day, Brizzel made us play on that funny stuff .... turf 'n mud ....... "
  12. Update for Factless Neil Birds Eye have expressed their thanks to Pompey's groundstaff They trawled in 2 tonne of Skate from the centre circle, after half time. So, Tesco's could be on a bigger winner than even they thought.
  13. "We want to be the best. In the coming decades the clubs with the biggest fanbases and the best infrastructure will be challenging. It might take 20 years to get halfway there, but that is no reason to be defeatist, it's a reason to get on with it " So, as a conservative estimate ...... that'll be 40 years then ?? Oh Joy
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