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  1. Lose and don’t bother coming back.
  2. Thirteen and cried like a baby. Hurt the most out of any loses since and probably in years to come.
  3. Two points dropped.Everton really poor.
  4. Tadic been our most creative player.
  5. What's that got to do with how well he played yesterday?
  6. I thought Jamaal lascelles was superb yesterday would take him off the Geordies hands.
  7. Absolute stonewall penalty,he moved his arm to stop the ball. How was that not deliberate?
  8. Well played Saints gutsy performance. Only moan is struggle to score goals putting the defence under pressure.
  9. barney

    Ryder Cup 2014

    Yeah i agree,Think they will want it just a little bit more after Medina. Hope im wrong though.
  10. As someone who has lost close family members to this ****ty disease,not ashamed to admit i well and truely welled up when he entered the stadium.A remarkable and herioc effort.
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