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  1. Thanks So interesting that the big money backed Man City and PSG, that all the other 'traditional' big clubs hate, haven't gone for this. So it's Juve, Inter, Milan, Barca, Real, Atletico, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, and Arsenal. Kind of hilarious that the last 2 are barely mid table clubs at the moment, and nowhere near the levels of Bayern, PSG, and Man City, but think they should be part of a 'super league'.
  2. Who's the missing big 6 English club then?
  3. Losing the header is one thing, it's actually how he did it that was concerning because he didn't actually go for the header, he seemed caught between trying to oddly get his foot up there and going for the header. He also again seemed more interested in wrestling Wood than being committed going for the ball. I think a confident Bednerak there would have just gone aggressively for the ball and either won it or at worse given away a foul in a position that is not that dangerous. It was Bedenerak's fault IMO, it was simple chipped forward ball that should be meat and drink to a player like
  4. Agree, he is not a bad player and has generally been improving for us year on year IMO, he was very solid and very good for the first half the season but is clearly not playing at his best and I think that Utd game really impacted him. As you say he was shocking against Wood and almost cost us the game, the sort of player who you would think our centre-backs would be more comfortable playing against rather than a quicker more tricky forward. Some time out of the team would do him good IMO and I think Salisu looks very promising and needs games himself.
  5. If he does get backed with say 3-4 players in then I think next season will be the true test of Ralph and how good he actually is, I know he has his critics but I think some of our worst performances have stemmed from a lack of depth and him not having a squad that is truly his and having to 'make do and med' with a squad that had seen years of decline and poor signings. But with 3-4 players coming in that I presume he would sing off on and no significant players leaving there will be no excuses.
  6. Quite amazing that Bayern Munich's back up striker is a Stoke reject.
  7. Exactly, we have 3 good centre mids and one promising one, we are not in Europe either, so I am not sure why having a promising young player as 4th choice is much of a problem. Stephens is currently 4th choice centre-back and is probably on £50-60k whilst getting very little game time so we are getting little value from that and the player is probably getting restless. If we sign another centre-mid it either displaces one of the current 3 into 4th choice or we sign a player to barely play, and push a promising young player who want opportunities further down the pecking order.
  8. To be fair I don't think anyone predicted he would come out with this run of form, I doubt even West Ham fans would have, he was very poor at Utd and had been for a while. Shows what confidence can do for a player though. I still personally think this is a purple patch rather than his true ability, but he is probably not as bad as many make out but we'll see if this form lasts. I mean fair play, both Moyes and Lingaard are currently proving a lot of people wrong who had written them off.
  9. No idea, just a possibility if there are several groups interested then his could be one of them. From reading further he did ok at Roma with multiple 2nd place finishes but it then ended in controversy with a lot of star players (like Allison to pool) being sold.
  10. Former Roma co-owner and US Billionaire James Pallotta has expressed interest in buying a PL club, though he has specifically name dropped Newcastle.
  11. The Walcott assist was the right decision but poor execution, the cross was hip high and behind Redmond, his excellent controlled finish made it look a lot better.
  12. Hopefully with a week's rest, full training with the whole squad and the people coming back from injury with a match under their belts we should have a bit of a sharper start. If we player like we did for the rest of the game past the first 30 mins we should beat them easily. Yes they had a good result against a 10 man Chelsea who seemed very complacent, but this is still a team that has only won 4 times this season and only scored 25 even WITH that 5. IMO Bednerak out of the firing line, said it another thread but he seems shot from the 9-0 to Utd, he was poor against Burnley and
  13. Pope probably should have saved Armstrongs but I think both shots were very powerfully hit and were hit early so caught the keepers out, didn't really see much punditry or commentary saying that either was much of a mistake.
  14. Mike Dean favouring Man Utd again, what a shock. You could see it was a pen from Maguire's reaction, he knew he'd fouled him.
  15. I think the Paton Daka ship has sailed, someone we might have been able to pick up maybe last season or so, but I think he'll basically skip our step now and jump straight to a champions league chasing team, as said above maybe Dortmund if they lose Haaland or to the main Leipzig club or like the Spurs sort of level club. We need to find the Patson Daka type before he goes to a club like Salzburg.
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