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  1. Yes. It's a head of recruitment we need I think.
  2. Brooks plays in the exact same position as Bowen, who has been good for West Ham, so would be surprised if they'd buy another young player for that position when they also have Yarmalenko as well. But West Ham things. Would love us to sign Brooks, surprised no other bigger clubs are looking at him, though Leicester are linked and he'd be a good signing for them
  3. He'd have to have an existing nationality for them, otherwise I think it takes a while for citizenship. Only argentinians, maybe Brazilians I think can get fast tracked, I think it only takes them about two years.
  4. That's a bit odd, unless he has some sort of second nationality? I don't think I have ever heard of players not wanting to play for their countries.
  5. Isn't that what Salisu is supposed to be, a quick, big and mobile centre back who is maybe a little raw.
  6. The Mail seems pretty certain of something that has not been confirmed.
  7. Its like all those goals of the seasons votes, at the end of the day its irrelevant because some Man Utd or Liverpool team goal wins because all their plastic fans vote for it, so unless you have multiple knowledgeable opinions on stuff like this its really just a waste of time. Statistically he has most goals without penalties, his goals to expected goals is the best, IIRC he has the most goals from outside the box, he has the best defensive stats of any forward, he has missed less 'big chances' compared to people on similar goals. Which statistically makes him the best striker in the league this seasons and stats are objective not some biased opinion.
  8. I feel like him, Hoedt and possibly Gunn as well were more lauded for their ball playing ability than their actual main jobs, maybe we thought if we could improve their defensive side we'd have some very complete players on our hands but it just hasn't worked out. (though it still might with Gunn who is young for a keeper). We can't afford (nor will they come) complete players, so we have to get people that are a little raw that hopefully can be improved, often it won't work out and their weaknesses will remain their weaknesses. But McCarthy is a good example, but the other way round he's an excellent shot stopped, good at cross, but his distribution is wank and has cost in games, and almost did today. Can he be improved or will Gunn maybe come good as a better shot stopper as he is a much better with his distribution or do we go out and find someone new that might tick both boxes. Though Hoedt's main weaknesss was always his attitude, he thinks he is a lot better than he actually is and that is always an obstruction to improvement. Vestergaard just can't seem to keep up with the pace of the game, you'd hope by now that is positioning and reading of the game might have improved to compensate, like other big slow centre backs have, someone like Mertersacker was a good example, knew his limitations but read the game and had a good starting position, but Vestergaard to me seems to always want to win the ball in front of attackers and be on the front foot, which means he gets caught on the turn and in behind too easily.
  9. That rumour might have some more legs when you look at the above, a high pressing 21 year old that is improving, seems very much Ralph's sort of player. https://www.sbnation.com/soccer/2019/10/11/20909634/weston-mckennie-usa-vs-cuba-2019-concacaf-nations-league-usmnt
  10. tajjuk


    To be fair our last captain who had just signed a new 5 year deal didn't end up staying very long, hopefully this is different.
  11. He was doing that for a lot of his Brum goals, either first time or one touch and then quick hits, which didn't allow keepers to get a set position to make the save. The first one shows that, people will say Henderson shouldn't get beaten at the near post but he's beaten by the early shot, a little touch to just get the angle and he shoots straight away. Like you say sign of a good finisher, he just needed the confidence and that first goal. Hope he carries it on next season. Vestergaard not good enough, just not suited to the league, I am not sure Billy Sharp was ever particularly quick but he's 34 now and he both out paced AND out muscled Vestergaard who got saved by McCarthy, and their goal was from his poor clearance. He's had his chances and its time to go. Overall though very pleased, 11th after that horrible start to the season, 52 points. 7 points off 6th, something to build on for next season, real hope we might be able to kick on and maybe challenge top 7.
  12. He's not a winger, he's a no.10, he's the one supposed to get in the 'red zone' as Ralph calls it. They had the same at Leipzig under him, one of the wide men was more of a winger, but the other was more of a no.10 who starts wide and drifts in to find the space, and take shots from the edge of the box, as well as making late runs into the box. Which I think was Forsberg. Probably took Armstrong a while to get it, because he has mainly been a central attacking mid in his career, but now he is we are reaping the rewards. The Celtic fans said when we got him that he was a good finisher and was good at long shots.
  13. The players didn't really embrace Ralph's methods for that first run of tough fixtures, after that result, it seems everyone was on board to turn it around and we've been more like a top 8 team than a bottom 3 team in pretty much everything. Shows how far application, hard work and teamwork can get you considering the massive change in performances and results from the same bunch of players.
  14. Baldock is a wing back to be fair, that is a lot of running as well. But should also be noted that we are not a possession side and he (JWP) is not just a sitting midfielder in a 3, so it is very impressive.
  15. So basically we really need to keep hold of Bertrand, JWP, Redmond and of course Ings. If we find a midfielder who is good at recoveries, can shoot a bit and pass decently, we will have found an upgrade on Hojberg. If we can find an as good shot stopper as McCarthy who can also distribute better, we can upgrade the GK position. Improvements can obviously be made at centre-back but if Bednerak can keep improving and reducing the mistakes he'll become a very good one.
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