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  1. Not sure Armstrong has the pace, he works hard but he's similar to Ward Prowse, he's not fast and at times it can cost us. The Burley left back, who is hardly lightning outpaces him pretty easily on several occasions and Armstrong had to clean him out and was lucky not to get a card.
  2. tajjuk


    The fact you think a regulation save at his near post that he was literally standing 2 feet away from was 'crucial' highlights the problem. If we are praising our keepers for saving shots from 20 yards that are straight and they are standing near where the ball went, then that highlights the problem. That is a save he should make, its regulation. As for the better team argument, that makes no real sense because GK's who do badly for good teams get highlighted even more, see De Gea and Kepa, whereas average keepers that get peppered and thus are seen to make a lot of saves get over rated, see someone like Marshall for Cardiff. Forster was a clearly a better keeper, seen by the fact he got 6 England caps playing for us, at a time when England decent GK options (like Hart in good form), whereas McCarthy has got 1 England cap, and hasn't been near since there not being many good GK options for England at the moment and the no.1 probably being the worst England No. 1 in a generation. Also Forster can at least pass a ball 30 yards to one of his teammates. For a modern good keeper you need to - 1. Be able to pass and distribute quickly and accurately to recycle position and start transitions. 2. Get quickly out of the goal to sweep up. 3. Save shots without pushing them back into play. 4. Produce some saves where you expect the strikers to score. 5. Command and organise your back line. 6. Confidently come for crosses. 7. Not make glaring errors that lead to goals. McCarthy can't do 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7. He's decent on 3. And occasionally he has above average game, maybe 1-2 times a season, but most of the time if there is a good chance they score pretty easily against him, as happened against Spurs. He's basically like a worse version of Fabianski or Dubravka, they like him are a bit flappy on crosses, make errors that give easy goals and don't have good distribution. But crucially those two keepers regularly make top level saves that stop their teams conceding goals they would be expected to concede and they do this a lot, so it makes up for their other errors and lack of all round game. But McCarthy doesn't. So really what good is he? His supposed best attribute is shot stopping and he was 13th for that out of PL keepers last year, so not even in the top 10, for his supposed main strength, and he is bad to awful at everything else. IIRC he was joint 3rd for mistakes leading to goals.
  3. tajjuk


    He can't pass a ball, he constantly gifts the ball back to the opposition if he has to pass it more than about 20 yards as shown tonight. Which means we can't recycle possession through him and surrender possession very easily for no real reason. People standing out on the wings completely free and he can't pass a ball 30 yards under no pressure. Now if he was some sort of worldly saving keeper winning points on his own you'd let him off, but he isn't, he's a decent but not exceptional shot stopper, he's bang average at crosses and I don't think he is particularly very commanding or organising at the back. His positioning is also piss poor, I wonder in part because he's being asked to be a sweeper keeper but clearly isn't, so has no idea where he is supposed to be and its impacting his game, or whether generally he is just crap at positioning. He nearly got caught out tonight by a Westwood freekick because he was oddly positioned and later on Vydra lobbed massively when McCarthy was in no mans land, because again he clearly has no clue where he is supposed to be. If Forster is anything near back to his best, and that is a big IF, then he is very clearly a better keeper because in his best form he is levels above what McCarthy is. I think people have become so used to inept Goalkeeping over the last 3 years that McCarthy comes in does ok, has some good games and is then massively over rated. Really we need a new GK, but that aint happening but I wouldn't be surprised to see Forster get back in if his head is right just simply because McCarthy offers very little apart from shot stopping and recently he's not been great at that.
  4. Thought defensively we were excellent and the work rate and communication across the team was excellent. Attacking wise we were meh, some nice flashes of play in the first half, obviously the goal but some other nice moves that almost came off save for some poor first touches or finishes. But second half we were a non-entity going forward and seemed reluctant to even counter attack with any thrust. I thought particularly Armstrong and Djenepo looked very rusty and not match fit, they put the effort in but Armstrong could barely control a ball at times and looked constantly a yard off and Djenepo was just a shadow of the games he had last year, no confidence to take his man on or make runs in behind, hopefully its just match sharpness and him needing a run of games after being out for long periods last year. Romeu was excellent save for the odd miss pass, JWP was decent and was everywhere, we played some decent balls into forwards in good positions so the play was generally quite positive but it just didn't click, people's movement or control or the weight of pass let promising moments down where we really should have hurt Burnley. This was best exampled I think by Ings offside goal and the blocked shot Armstrong had just before that, he had two identical positions where he picked up the ball in the no. 10 area in front of the Burnley defence and had their defence back peddling but just took too long to actually do anything and so had one useless shot blocked and in the other move took ages to pass to Ings who was by then offside, when he was in loads of space. As Ings said after the game, we are a dangerous team when we are in our rhythm but just aren't quite there, we look like a team about half way through our pre-season. Saying that you have to praise the spirit, work rate, and organisation after last week getting 5 thumped past them in the 2nd half, to then come to a bogey ground and grind out a result and a clean sheet. Praise also to Vestergaard who looked today like the player we hoped we had when we signed him, he won everything in the air, was calm on the ball and found good passes forward, anticipated things and showed good positioning. Hope it continues. I mean Burnley are pretty awful but they are relentless in their crosses and getting the ball in and around the box, but they barely had a sniff really. Also finally, McCarthy cannot pass a ball more than 30 yards, everytime we tried to cycle possession back through him and he had to do more than a short pass to one of the defenders , he put it nowhere near one of our players, not even somewhere where they could win it, he just chipped it back to Burnley under no pressure. Multiple times there was a free player that he just had to play a 30-40 yard chipped ball and didn't get it near. You can see the value of proper keeper who can actually pass the ball.
  5. Hopefully the extra week further on means we are a bit fitter, sharper and more organised. This short pre-season has apparently mucked up loads of teams and they think that is why so many mistakes/goals are going in but I think probably because of our style or play (and Ralph oddly implemented a new defensive system) we are suffering from this the most. We know when he doesn't get time to work with the players that the team doesn't perform great.
  6. See AC Milan I think, Elliott Management Corporation basically lent most of the money for the takeover by Li Yonghong, who then defaulted on payments so Elliott Management then took over the running of the club. So I suppose the same would happen here, the club would essentially become an asset of Ares if De Grosa doesn't pay the money back, rather than the club being liable for the loan. I'd also presume that investment companies of that sort of scale (Ares Management is I think even bigger than Elliott Management as a whole) have the ability to sit on an investment like that and re-sell it down the line. So we'd probably either be at the same state now with an owner that basically didn't want to own us and would put the bare minimum in to maintain it and sell us on as soon as possible, or might invest a little to increase their return.
  7. LOL, nope, that pretty much shows exactly what I am talking about. 8 PL clubs have a net spend of less than £20 million per season, which means they all pretty much need to sell to buy and aren't getting significant outside investment, i.e are being run sustainably. as I said. Only about 3 in that entire list can spend over £50 million a season, but people like you bleat that we are the only club, when your own figures show that is nonsense.
  8. If Forster is anywhere near back to his best he is by far our best keeper. McCarthy is in for shot stopping as his distribution is poor, if he's not saving above regulation saves (which he is not) then he's not very useful. Might as well have one of the other two as their distribution is better, plus I think Forster when confident is the better organiser/leader as well.
  9. Neither of them are particularly quick. Even though I think both of Burnley's main centre-backs are injured, we never do well against them and I full expect it to continue, reckon it'll be similar to the Palace game, they will sit in and be deep, we'll have lots of possession, not take our chances and they will probably nick one. More likely from a set piece than a fast break in behind though I reckon.
  10. I don't know what you are talking about , I'd reckon about half the PL clubs are run sustainably and have to balance the books, even Liverpool. Leicester having been selling a major player pretty much every season to fund investments for the last 4 years. We've just effed it up because our recent signings are crap so haven't had good re-sale value.
  11. As a minor caveat for him, that was New York Fashion week I think so kind of expected to dress a bit, lets call it flamboyantly. My main worry would be Everton have literally bought in 3 centre-mids because their midfield was so crap last year. Particular complaints that they weren't physical/hard working enough. But as someone above said, my recollection of him when he first arrived on the scene was of a very busy energetic player box to box type player who was pretty solid technically. He seems to have regressed a little but who knows whether that is the mess that Everton have been over the last two years and he might shine under better management or whether he is just at that level. Our loan to buy policy on a few other players has worked out ok, so as long as their is an agreed fee option in there if he turns out good then its probably ok as its fairly low risk and as Everton need to shift players then we can probably negotiate a favourable deal, but if he's our only solution its a bit of worry, why not keep Reed?
  12. tajjuk


    Apart from Ederson and Allison, are any keepers in the prem right now any good? The amount of goals going in seem to be high and a lot of the shots you watch scored aren't straight in the corners. Henderson maybe, but he apparently can't dislodge an error prone De Gea, Sheff Utd paid a lot for the Bournemouth keeper who didn't impress me much. I think a lot of keepers are products of their defences, what sort of shots and types of chances are allowed against them. At the end of the day whilst McCarthy is not top class, he's no worse than a lot of prem keepers but we just gave Spurs easy chances to score.
  13. You have to wonder though whether his 'fitness issues' are in part to do with not really being wanted and whether they will clear up somewhere where he feels happy. As I understand it he's been fit to play most of last season but Zidane just froze him out. He seems to manage to be fit for Wales most of the time.
  14. We are basically in the middle, shows the vast different levels of success really, Liverpool and Leicester doing well on not a lot of owner financing (IIRC Henry's money has been invested in the stadium and training ground) Everton, Villa and Fulham doing very little with a lot of investment. I mean the Everton owner has thrown £300 million into the club over 5 years and they have gone backwards and still have an old outdated stadium. I wonder how long he will last if he doesn't start seeing a return on all this money he puts in?
  15. BBC gave the Palace keeper the MOM so can't be that bad, one of those games that goes either way but honestly Palace are going to go down IMO if they play like that at home all the time, can't expect to park the bus, give 70% possession away and hope their keeper makes good saves to win the game. Typical rusty Saints opening game of the season, looked more like a pre-season game, just not enough crispness to break them down, but should get better I reckon. After last year we should know not to worry about a little bit of a sluggish start.
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