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  1. Reports now Everton and Leicester sniffing around. It's honestly such a same we don't have any money, because I think if we could have secured a couple of quality players in Jan (I know always a gamble) even for only like the standard £15 million (which I think with covid prices would probably get you more than it would a year or two) and we could really be pushing those top places with the way the league is. Yeh we are 10th but we are only 5 points off 4th with a game in hand, this is a huge opportunity to take advantage of the slackness of the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea (and th
  2. That to me sounds like he wants his cake and wants to eat it. He wants the safe comfy option of a long contract here as one of our highest earners PLUS the ability to just jump relatively easily to champions league club. Whereas yes he could leave for free in the summer of 2022, but who knows could have had a big loss of form or a long term injury and is then struggling around to find a good contract for a 30 year old with a history of injuries.
  3. It is depressing, just when we were building something.
  4. It's getting worrying now, I reckon we are going to end up selling him in the summer and probably not for a huge amount considering the global pandemic and a year on his deal. Someone I reckon will be getting a bargain I reckon if there are takers. Let's hope the club has been scouting replacements for a while.
  5. Still a shame we missed out on Maddison, does appear from stories we were very close to signing him and he's exactly the goalscoring/clever passing no.10 I feel we miss (plus under ralph you'd suspect maybe he'd be even better). We played well, lost to a good finish, whilst missing several key players whilst Leicester had most of theirs, I think another night we could have had a draw or even nicked it. Creativity if a worry, but then over recent game we've had players missing. Ings scores goals from half chances and outside the box, Vestergaard threatens from set pieces, Redmond/Dj
  6. Our current striker beyond Ings and Adams are a 32 year old who is rapidly diminishing and has never been much of a goalscorer at his peak, a 31 year old loan, who whilst is doing well for us has never been a regular goalscorer, and an unproven 20 year old who needs game time and another 21 year old who's had a few sub appearances. Considering Adams and Ings have been injured this year, we really need someone who can replace them so I think it's less worrying about Ings leaving and more about having a viable option up front if either of the first choice two are injured. I mean you
  7. Is there like a page reloading button? or something similar, on most browsers that turns to a cross to stop the loading of the screen, not sure what it would be on a phone.
  8. Favourite underdo status is probably us or Leeds. Nice to read all the youtube comments about us from other fans saying we are underrated etc. etc. Also have to say Burnley often get praised for not having loads of foreign players, but a good proportion of our first team - Ings, Adams, Redmond, Armstrong, JWP, KWP, Bertrand and McCarthy are British. Hard for any neutral to criticise us at the moment, we play decent football that is often easy on the eye, work very well as a team, don't have any big ego players, don't splash the cash or have a sugar daddy, have plenty of Britis
  9. And Man Utd have spent hundreds and hundreds of millions and have the highest wage budget in the league and are only really challenging because everyone is as inconsistent as them (and they still got knocked out of the champs league and will likely fall away in the league) so yes just splashing the cash is no guarantee. Though it also has be stated that coming straight into the league from another country and performing in your first season, especially with a curtailed pre-season doesn't happen that often with most foreign signings. Chelsea signed some good young players who will i think
  10. Maybe Schalke are being set up as our European feeder team to park U18 youngsters because of Brexit 😄 (seriously though we probably do need one of those). But really a loan to worse performing team in Europe doesn't sound a good move to help him progress, he needs game time but not in a free falling mess of a club, and there is no way they have the cash to sign him.
  11. Or you can pause the loading of the page just before the subscription banner comes up. 😄
  12. All those are primarily associated with another club so don't really count. No one looks at Shearer and goes 'oh that ex-Southampton' player do they, he's a Newcastle legend who won the league with Blackburn. Same for the rest pretty much played or managed us for a season at best in most cases and far more associated with other clubs. For a 'Saints' pundit I think we'd have to be their main played for club or club they had the most success with, in much the same way Carragher - Liverpool, Neville - Utd, Redknapp - Liverpool, Shearer - Newcastle, Richards - Man City, Evra - Ma
  13. I don't see how that should ever be a handball, its only recent years such madness has happened, you are talking a ball blasted a player barely a metre away who is making a perfectly natural movement to block the ball and his arms are in a perfectly natural position. Zero intent for the ball to be blocked by his hand, zero movement of his hand to the ball and next to no time to react. It's pretty much text book accidental handball, it happens and you move one. Luckily the right decision prevailed and the madness from the start of the season stopped, where they were giving pens righ
  14. Beyond those two you mention I am struggling to think of one, I suppose you can't really have pundits covering every team.
  15. Beyond those two you mention I am struggling to think of one, I suppose you can't really have pundits covering every team.
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