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  1. You could have just looked at his wiki page, they usually show the goals pretty accurately. 99 in 223 for Pool in all comps. 25 in 75 for us.
  2. You have to ask yourself why he is going through mental gymnastics to come up with an absurd reason to just to excuse some obvious homophobia.
  3. Cos Ole is a crap manager.
  4. Yeh was going to say the same thing, Townsend has probably done this like 10 times in his career, had a little purple patch and then disappears into mediocrity. Everton seem to do similar in recent years, start well, people talk about champs league and then eventually they hit their level which is a lot more average. They might pull a surprise like West Ham did last year but I suspect their mainly average players will pull them down to average again, also quite possible this is new manager bounce as well.
  5. No anyone who has a problem about something so irrelevant is clearly a dickhead.
  6. Post something completely off topic and irrelevant, just to appear anti-woke again, about something completely harmless and unimportant, someone calls him up on it, then goes out of his way to show how not bothered about it he is (despite him bringing it up in the first place) and clearly gets annoyed he is being called out for it, and then flips that back on the other person and goes all victim mode. Like seriously how does this tired old troll act not get him banned?
  7. Poor start to the season by Leeds, wonder if they will have second season syndrome?. Drew with Burnley, drew with Everton at home, trashed by Utd and comfortably beaten by pool at home.
  8. Both Fernandes and Mount are attacking mids, Mount has played as one of the attacking front 3 IIRC for Chelsea quite a lot, but both will have 2 other centre mids behind them most of the time. JWP operates in a double pivot, which means on average he will be deeper than almost anyone in that chances created list.
  9. I'd go currently with a 4-2-2-2 of this - Much of muchness GK Tino, Stephens, Salisu, Perraud Romeu, JWP S. Armstrong, Elyonoussi A. Armstrong, Adams. Then a 5-3-2 against better sides of this - Much of muchness GK Stephens, Bednerak, Salisu Tino, Perraud Romeu, JWP S. Armstrong A. Armstrong, Adams. Don't know enough about Lyanco to put him in, and KWP unfortunate to miss out but prefer the left footed width, but he could easily get in there on either side depending on form/fitness. I'd also reckon Diallo mig
  10. Gunn was like one of the most highly rated younger keepers in the country, had just had an excellent season for Norwich in the Championship, played at all youth levels for England and wanted to move for more football. IIRC Man City also wanted to keep him and possibly had a buy back, I don't think anyone expected him to regress as much as he did, the 9-0 pretty much destroyed him.
  11. If he does he could legitimately score 1000 goals without counting like friendlies and exhibition games like Pele did.
  12. He is insane, only needs 15 more caps and he'll be the most capped men's player of all time and if he plays most of this season he'll over take Roberto Carlos for the most appearances by an outfield player and he's done pretty much all of it at the highest level.
  13. Barcelona loaning Greizeman back to Atletico after signing him for over £100 million has to be one of the worst transfers in history.
  14. 6/10 for me for this season, I think down the line with the young players we've signed the better financial position the clubs I think in a few years we'll be looking back at this window as both an excellent window and probably a turning point for the club. BUT we have to stay up this season, from there I think we can progress and will be back on track.
  15. Van De Beek is such a waste, apparently he wanted to go and a loan to Everton was being lined up but Man Utd wouldn't let him go. They are so stupidly rich it seems they can let very good players basically rot away their careers.
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