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  1. Well should be pointed out how excellent we were in the summer re-start last year, which IIRC included set drinks breaks at certain times, so maybe we noticed that and decided to try to instigate something that would achieve a similar impact. Plus if it is a thing, it obviously recognises that we struggle to maintain leads and tempos late game so are trying things to help with that. The long VAR stoppages also helped I think, though obviously they also went our way, but allowed us to regroup a bit and take some momentum out of city. Personally I am not a great fan of shithousery, at
  2. It's ignorance because a wealth of objective statistics will inform a lot more than than your narrow, biased view. Your 'experience' is that of a limited fan nothing more, if you were actually a top class talent at watching and understanding football you'd be doing it professionally at the highest level (and pretty much all them are using a huge amount of data). You are a fan nothing more, with your biases and limited view that then informs your opinion, which in turn makes your opinion limited. It's ignorant to think your 'experience' outweighs a vast array of objective data and informa
  3. I do find it ironic that one of the people who has taken over the club is probably one of the most successful and earliest adopters of using statistics in football, at a time when on this forum we seem to have more and more ignorant anti-stats people.
  4. VAR is not the issue, some teething problems with the tech and sorting out margin of errors for the offside lines etc. But ultimately the issue is the Refs themselves and the fact they are also running VAR. VAR needs to be run by an independent panel, with at least 3-4 like ex-pros or something running it who have nothing to do with the teams involved. The other issue being the vast majority of English professional referees are really really bad. I watch a lot of the Bundesliga highlights and they seem to have less issue with VAR and less controversy.
  5. Personally I think we are getting better and more solid, barring another horrible injury period (which we have more depth to cope with) and reckon we'll be nearer 50 points or so
  6. Shocking pen decision, Jota just flops himself into the keeper and was nowhere near the ball. Very very lucky Liverpool. Jota, Mane and Salah have to be the 'diviest' forward line in league by far.
  7. Sale of very good players is almost inevitable, even a giant club like Dortmund with 80k fans turning up every week can't hold onto to their best players. Key though is to avoid the problem we caused for ourselves in 2015/16-17 by selling too many in a short period. We need to follow a more Leicester like model who pretty much let one a season go and then re-invest that money into 2-3 new quality players.
  8. Hopefully the club will tie him down with a new contract soon, should be a little more wiggle room in the wage budget.
  9. Le Tiss's was amazing and encapsulated his genius, only a handful of players in the history of the game would have thought of doing that, let alone pulling it off. But that Roberto Carlos freekick was something else, one of the purest hits ever seen, I remember trying replicate for years hoping you'd just one time get that sweet swerve.
  10. To be fair Van DIjk IIRC was 24 when he joined us and had already played like 190 senior games, including multiple games in the Champions league. He is also European and been in the British culture (well Scotland but similar physical league) for like 2 seasons as well. Salisu is still 22, he's only played so far just over 100 career games and 40 of those were B team football in the Spanish 3rd division, having moved from Africa, to then Spain and now England, and having arrived here he was ill and injured. He's had a lot more to deal with and cope with in his career than Van Dijk had bef
  11. I agree. If there is evidence that he ignored this having been directly told about it or covered it up then IMO it over rules anything he ever did for the club, that is football, its a sport, it doesn't compare to these people's lives which have been destroyed by this evil man. If they do take the statue down than I would trust that the club are only doing that because they have such information and agree it would the only right course of action.
  12. What is best for this country is a stable, well led, progressive Labour government sitting on a comfortable majority so they can enact change and policies that fix the mess and damage this government has done (and the ones previously). Hopefully including some electoral reform so that it's harder for the Tories to get back in, considering this government was voted for by a minority of the electorate. Putting up with another 6 months or so of Johnson would be a relatively small price to pay for that IMO.
  13. Yeh we don't want someone else in, what's best for Labour and the country as whole now is Boris stays in for as long as possible so people don't forget his incompetence, the scandals, the lying, the eff ups etc. and he is pretty much guaranteed continued incompetence and more scandals will come out. A new leader, who will be equally awful and incompetent, will just act like it's a clean slate and move on, even though they are involved in it. You do also have to wonder what these 'red wall' MPs were really expecting, they are in their jobs because of Johnson, no one would have voted
  14. Well if that unlikely event happened I reckon he'd build a front two around Lukaku and Werner, getting both to fire.
  15. Based on his tweets, after match interviews etc. he seems very happy here and is enjoying life playing for us. Maybe he just wants to keep that going. Some players just click with a manager and club, and produce their best form, maybe he sees playing regularly here for like 3 seasons or so at a club he likes, with players he likes, in a style that suits him is going to be better for his long term career than just another loan with us and then hoping something happens at Chelsea or he might get a move to another big club. 3 seasons scoring like 15+ for us and a big club will probably step
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