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  1. So can't dispute the facts and just resort to name calling, so who is actually 'pathetic'.......
  2. Yawn indeed from you. Strawman much? Facts are not whinging, was I complaining about the result or asking to change it? No. I was just stating the FACT that the vote was driven on immigration and those complaints on immigration were largely false and based on people's ignorance of the subject matter, largely because they are led like sheep by our right wing politicians and media to distract them from the real problems that the right government is actually responsible for. It's right wing politics 101 since the beginning of time, play on people's racism and prejudices to blame someone else instead of the government for domestic problems like under funded services, high crime rates in their areas, high employment etc. It's exactly what Trump has been doing and in part how he got elected. That is the simple reality of the situation, it's quite hilarious when you see people getting sensitive about the leave vote being linked to racism when in fact there is plenty of evidence to support that view. Lots of people voted leave because of immigration and those people stated reasons about immigration impacting them that are just factually false, now why would they do that? Maybe because instead of looking inwards and towards our government for their problems, it's easier to blame the foreigners for all our problems. But hey I know people struggled with facts and reality in modern times. But I find it hilarious that people can't accept what the leave vote was driven by because it hurts their 'feelings', when all the data is there plain as day.
  3. tajjuk

    BLM & Football

    That is wrong from the the data I have seen, immigration was the no.1 reason for vote leave people, it was nearly 40% as well, and it was over 70% of peoples first or second reasons for voting leave, which makes it the clear driving force behind the vote and the campaign put it front and centre because of that. https://ukandeu.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/CSI-Brexit-4-People’s-Stated-Reasons-for-Voting-Leave.pdf And their reasons in the main part were ignorance, most of things said about immigrants by the leave campaign and leave votes I saw was just factually false, i.e they take our jobs, they don't pay taxes, they use more of our services services, they more commit crime, they cost our taxpayers etc. All pretty much false and you have to ask why people believe these things, some levels of prejudice and stereotyping has to be behind it. I mean Farage stood in front of picture that basically was the jews being marched off to concentration camps and yet people wonder why the leave vote was branded racist.
  4. IMO to sell Ings you'd need multiple criteria to be met - 1. We wouldn't sell Ings unless we received a huge fee, upwards of £50 million, probably more like £60-70 million. 2. The club that would be buying him would therefore needs funds to do that and would need to have a need to spend that much on a striker. 3. Ings is 28, if we was to move clubs now, I reckon he would want someone playing regularly in the champions league and challenging for trophies now, not a club rebuilding or a project. Everton are ruled out by 3, they are are a mess and a mid table club, they have massive problems with a huge wage bill and have loads of deadwood to shift like us. They are not going to be challenging for top 4 in the next two years at least (if ever) Chelsea have just spent £54 million on a new striker and gave Giroud a new deal I think, plus have Abraham. Leicester have Vardy and probably can't afford that sort of fee without selling. Spurs have no money and have Kane. Arsenal apparently have no money and have problems all over the pitch, but have two good strikers. (plus promising young forwards as well) Can't see Man City buying him as they don't need strikers either. Chelsea have just bought Werner. The only realistic one is Man Utd IMO, but I can see them sticking with Rashford and Martial and improving other areas. Clubs across Europe can't afford him, aside the super clubs and I doubt Barca, Real, Juve, Bayern and PSG etc. are queuing up for Danny Ings, he's not that good. Whilst yes if someone wants him that is better than us and they stump up a big fee, he is likely to go, but IMO at the moment and for the forseeable future the club that can afford to spend £60 million on a striker, needs a striker and is playing champs league I don't think exists.
  5. I feel he might be a bit like Bertrand, been at a big club already and has now found a settled place and is playing good football. Also have to remember he's basically back home now near his family and is playing for the club he supported as a kid. Plus I can't see anyone with the finances to sign him that would want to, Arsenal have no money apparently, Liverpool wouldn't shell out £50 million for Werner, Man Utd would want someone higher profile, as would city I think, Spurs have Kane. Maybe Leicester if they have have funds from Chilwell. Even if the Newcastle takeover happens I doubt that one, long way north and not really moving to club playing in Europe etc. it would take Newcastle probably at least 2-3 seasons before they were competing and Ings would be in his 30s by then so I think if titles and champs league football were in his mind now it's basically one of the top 4 now I think, plus maybe Utd.
  6. I'd agree, we are safe, PEH doesn't want to be here clearly and Smallbone needs games to develop, these next 6 games would seem perfect for him IMO, a start against Man City would be a real test and experience for him against that midfield.
  7. It's 4 points to catch up on Sheffield Utd and they have a game in hand, plus there are 4 teams between us, also all have a game in hand. I think realistically, we lose against Man City, we'd have to win the other 4 to stand a chance and maybe draw with Utd, 53 points and you are talking about 5/6 teams not winning 3/6 or something, so it seems unlikely. The only thing in our favour is we play Sheff Utd and Everton who are above us, but when was the last time we won at Everton. That would also mean use winning 6 out of last 9 games, which is 2 points a game, we haven't been in 2 points a game form for a long time, nor have we won 3 in a row for a long time and we'd have to win the last 3 games. But totally that is what Ralph should be telling the players so we don't go on the beach, plus getting Ingsy the golden boot.
  8. tajjuk

    BLM & Football

    Yes that is an apt description of what you just said. Odd that the campaign for anti-semitism doesn't note the fact that annexation of territories and conquest of territories are forbidden by the UN charter, which they seem to be happy quoting there, I am presuming they have not read that part. This is about the actions of Israel as a nation state, actions that should rightly be criticism rather than being wrongly classed as anti-semitism, what they are doing/have done in the West Bank is fundamentally wrong and their plans for annexation of the West Bank, is also fundamentally wrong. It's also against International Law. Zionism in itself is promoting the confiscation of land that is disputed and occupied by other people, its fundamentally against what the UN stands for and anti-zionism, is not antisemitism. It's being against Israel illegally taking land that does not belong to them, which is basically being against war, conflict and acts of aggression to take land, also known as colonalism. Also where is the 'self determination' of the Palestinian people, who are basically getting forcefully taken over by Israel, that statement by the campaign for anti-semitism seems rather hypocritical. So there really is nothing actually wrong with that statement by BLM there, because also particularly in the US, very powerful lobby groups push the agenda of Israel using basically legally bribery. And when people have spoken out about this, for example when congresswoman Ilhan Omar spoke about Isreali lobby groups pushing pro-Isreali policies, she got called an anti-semite, often surprise surprise by people funded by that lobby group. So that tweet is not anti-semitic and its also correct, the Isreali plans to annex the west bank are illegal and are basic colonialism against the UN charter and when people try to criticise pro-isreali influences in US and European democracies, they get called anti-semites, despite it being a criticism of Israel the STATE, not the Jewish people as a whole.
  9. tajjuk

    BLM & Football

    That is exactly what you said, what the actual F does the family background got to do with the Police literally treating all minorities worse than white people? What does it have to do with people not getting jobs because of their skin colour? what does it have to do with football shouting obscenities at them? What do you want them to do?, be more white? Black kids in America from all backgrounds are literally being taught by their parents on how to not potentially anger the Police in any way so the avoid getting killed, what to wear, how to act, where to be. What you did was victim blaming, it's like suggesting women who get raped were wearing the wrong clothes or shouldn't have got drunk.
  10. tajjuk

    BLM & Football

    You clearly don't understand what defund the police actually means if you actually think it is going to hurt anyone, so ignorance is your first failing. Highlighting racial injustice leads to more racial tension? That is some stupid logic right there, because you know they were doing so well before when it wasn't being highlighted? Let's just keep quiet then whilst people are being racially abused, discriminated against and literally killed because of the colour of their skin, in some cases literally by people who are supposed to have a duty of care to them, because that has totally worked hasn't it, because massive leaps and bounds have been made since this was last highlighted four years ago? Oh wait, not they haven't, what a completely dumb comment. Keep quiet for what, so some racist white people don't get upset? It's not political, if you think it is then that is just more of your own ignorance. It's social justice and it has massive relevance in football, especially when football has a higher percentage of black people than society as a whole, just like Saudi Arabia's potential takeover of Newcastle and it's human rights abuse has relevance in football. And the final part is classic 'whataboutism' and is just a completely dumb argument. Oh and the irony of calling me a mug when you literally have just repeated a stupid right wing trope and have displayed bucketloads of ignorance. So George Floyd being suffocated was in part his fault, because restraining a man on the floor and suffocating him for 20 minutes over a fake $20 dollar bill is of course a proportional response to that crime, that they weren't even sure he had committed. Oh and it was totally the black communities fault that the Police Officer who murdered him had something like 19 previous complaints against him and had being poorly punished for many previous failings yet so somehow still in a position of power and responsibility where he could pin a man down on the floor and murder him. I am also sure it's totally the black communities fault that black footballers get monkey charts. ................
  11. True, though he took a little while to work his way in. Just find it odd that according to that article Celtic 'rate him highly' but aren't playing him, just wondered what the issues were.
  12. tajjuk

    BLM & Football

    It's none of those things. How can literally kneeling on the floor quietly be 'aggressive'? It's the most peaceful protest you can do, also how can a flag be disrespected? It's an inanimate object made up of some colours on a piece of material and for the UK its a mismash of 4 flags anyway. That is the same stupid argument Trump made and all the right wingers made when Kaepernick did it, which was BS then and it's BS now, saying it disrespected their military personnel, and the vast majority of those same personnel came out in support of Kaepernick. It's saying there is a problem, and that problem needs fixing, and that not enough is being done to fix that problem, and we who are doing this kneeling are in solidarity with the people suffering so more is done to fix the problem. I cannot fathom how you can possibly think it is in anyway aggressive. If people have a problem with the kneeling and BLM stuff then they seriously need to have a look at themselves. It doesn't create division at all, it's literally an act of solidarity with people being unfairly and unjustly oppressed, the only people it upsets are actual racists, like that pr*ck who from Burnley who ordered that plane. Literally millions of people across the world have come together in agreement about this problem and about how not enough has been done to tackle and are saying enough is enough.
  13. Ntcham not being a regular at Celtic seems a worry to me, is that just Lennon being a bit of an old fashioned manager/different system that he doesn't fit into?
  14. Unless you are like a London club with tourist fans or a massive global appeal club like Man Utd, match day income for PL clubs is not a huge part of their income. In 2018-19 Saints made £17 million and Newcastle made £23 million. Now you might reckon that Newcastle might have a bit more potential than us to expand on that figure with some better football, maybe European football etc. , but you also have to think of the area, it's not like Newcastle is London full of affluent tourists buying shirts and scarves all the time, there is probably only so much you can squeeze out of that playerbase even if it not far of double ours. Even Arsenal who make nearly £100 million a year from it, it's still only 25% of their revenue and if they were in champions league etc, it would be an even lower percentage. If you are buying a middling PL club, you are buying access to the TV money first and foremost and the global exposure of the PL. I wouldn't want the Saudi's though either, even if they splashed the cash, it would feel like blood money.
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