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  1. Most fullbacks are not like 6 foot +, pace and stamina is what a modern full back needs and good technical ability as they are now expected to be contributing a lot in the final third. I also wonder where all these giant target men or wingers are that you supposedly need big fullbacks for.
  2. I think in terms of price, his age and the fact he has been with the group for over 6 months now so no need to settle in (plus he's English so no new culture, language, style of league to adjust to) means its a pretty low risk signing. Sure if he isn't great then we need another right back, but I think he has shown there is a decent player there and we know Ralph has managed to improve several of our players (JWP, Redmond, Stephens) so lets hope he is another.
  3. I think he'd be way cheaper than Watkins.
  4. tajjuk

    Harrison Reed

    Personally I'd like to keep him and see him given a chance, but also still buy another centre-mid because I think for the system and intensity we play, we need 4, especially as Romeu is a little limited in the role as he's not as dynamic as JWP or Hojberg. But he probably wants assurances of football. And he'd probably get that at Fulham. Also yeh would not be surprised if Bielsa liked the look of him, he'd fit his mould quite well I think.
  5. No links or anything but the Athletic reckons if we were looking for another striker to take the burden of Ings, Patson Daka from RB Salzburg would be a perfect fit for Ralph's system and style of play. Only 21 and scored 27 in 45 for them last year.
  6. tajjuk


    He's obviously strong in some areas and not so so strong in others, whether he can improve remains to be seen. (especially under Mourinho) but Spurs must think he will and will mature into a well rounded centre mid, just like we will probably be thinking KWP can be moulded into the complete full back. Though from what I have seen of both players and know of both managers I think we are more likely to end up with a player worth a lot more than we paid. But good deal overall, hopefully this can be done and sorted quickly so we can get his replacement in. If Reed does go for around £8 million and we have £20 million up front from Hojberg then that alone is a decent pot to work with even if this year's budget might be strained because of Covid (and yes there is the £10 million for Salisu). I mean if we can get in a full back who has looked promising and is already integrated in the squad and the way Ralph works, plus a new promising centre-back, AND get rid of a wantaway midfielder who most of us think is upgradable AND player that hasn't even been in the squad for two years AND come out with about £5-6 million (plus some add ons) then that is IMO some smart business by the club. Hopefully if we can get someone like Mckennie in, and get the contracts of Bertrand, JWP and maybe Ings we are looking decently set for next year, with maybe some more funds available if we can shift the deadwood.
  7. tajjuk

    20/21 Kit

    Yeh same can only hope that happens to mine, haven't worn it yet. ---------------------- Like the away kit, pretty smart and doesn't try too much, just a fairly nice clean away kit. Still prefer the 3rd though.
  8. Yes. It's a head of recruitment we need I think.
  9. Brooks plays in the exact same position as Bowen, who has been good for West Ham, so would be surprised if they'd buy another young player for that position when they also have Yarmalenko as well. But West Ham things. Would love us to sign Brooks, surprised no other bigger clubs are looking at him, though Leicester are linked and he'd be a good signing for them
  10. He'd have to have an existing nationality for them, otherwise I think it takes a while for citizenship. Only argentinians, maybe Brazilians I think can get fast tracked, I think it only takes them about two years.
  11. That's a bit odd, unless he has some sort of second nationality? I don't think I have ever heard of players not wanting to play for their countries.
  12. Isn't that what Salisu is supposed to be, a quick, big and mobile centre back who is maybe a little raw.
  13. The Mail seems pretty certain of something that has not been confirmed.
  14. Its like all those goals of the seasons votes, at the end of the day its irrelevant because some Man Utd or Liverpool team goal wins because all their plastic fans vote for it, so unless you have multiple knowledgeable opinions on stuff like this its really just a waste of time. Statistically he has most goals without penalties, his goals to expected goals is the best, IIRC he has the most goals from outside the box, he has the best defensive stats of any forward, he has missed less 'big chances' compared to people on similar goals. Which statistically makes him the best striker in the league this seasons and stats are objective not some biased opinion.
  15. I feel like him, Hoedt and possibly Gunn as well were more lauded for their ball playing ability than their actual main jobs, maybe we thought if we could improve their defensive side we'd have some very complete players on our hands but it just hasn't worked out. (though it still might with Gunn who is young for a keeper). We can't afford (nor will they come) complete players, so we have to get people that are a little raw that hopefully can be improved, often it won't work out and their weaknesses will remain their weaknesses. But McCarthy is a good example, but the other way round he's an excellent shot stopped, good at cross, but his distribution is wank and has cost in games, and almost did today. Can he be improved or will Gunn maybe come good as a better shot stopper as he is a much better with his distribution or do we go out and find someone new that might tick both boxes. Though Hoedt's main weaknesss was always his attitude, he thinks he is a lot better than he actually is and that is always an obstruction to improvement. Vestergaard just can't seem to keep up with the pace of the game, you'd hope by now that is positioning and reading of the game might have improved to compensate, like other big slow centre backs have, someone like Mertersacker was a good example, knew his limitations but read the game and had a good starting position, but Vestergaard to me seems to always want to win the ball in front of attackers and be on the front foot, which means he gets caught on the turn and in behind too easily.
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