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  1. He's obviously somewhere between the two, but I think the disappointing thing last year was that we were signing a player we knew was slow but was apparently positionally aware of this, but would also dominate in the air and was good on the ball. So there was hope he could become a Mertesacker type defender, yes occasionally would get beaten for pace but generally good positioning and awareness would cover this. But last season that didn't really happen, he was in my opinion rash to come out and challenge the ball too far out of position, either getting spun by the attacker or leaving sp
  2. Lucrative for Gao maybe. Also they are 'apoplectic' apparently but I bet if either come knocking for one of our players they will happily deal.
  3. If he had pace he'd have cost us about twice the price and probably would have gone to a bigger club. I mean he is very dominant in the air and good on the ball, if he was quick as well he'd basically be the complete package as a centre-back and you pay £80 million plus for those (well not Maguire) but that is VVD money and the sort of money it would probably cost to get someone like Upamecano Good to see him improve though, tough first year but he seems to have become a little less keen to go win the ball on the front foot as much, which was catching him out as people were just spinning
  4. High scoring draw, key will be stopping the crosses in Calvert-Lewin and finding a way to shackle James Rodriguez who I have to say has surprised me, thought he was a spent force physically who would struggle in this league but is doing very well so far. Certainly think we'll create chances against them though, neither centre-back impresses me much, Pickford is an accident waiting to happen (probably a blessing for us he didn't get red carded and banned) and both their full backs bomb on a lot and leave space. Richarlison is a big loss for them as well. Plus always feel more co
  5. Was going to happen, they have been incredibly lucky with injuries to key players over the last two seasons. The likes of VVD, Robertson, TAA, Mane and Salah have barely missed a game, whilst City have had long periods without players like Laporte, De Bruyne and Aguero. Going to test their squad depth, especially as I have never really been that convinced of Gomez. Shocking tackle by Pickford though, how that wasn't a red I don't know regardless of the injury suffered it was reckless and always likely to cause an injury. If Liverpool don't win the title they are probably goin
  6. Yeh I think it was pretty telling that Werners first goal was great play, apparently not poor defending by Bednerak. Yet us pressing excellently to rob Havertz and then Adams sliding in a lovely ball to Ings, was talked about more being a mistake by Havertz. I mean to be fair Zouma and Kepa had a giant shocker for Adams' goal, none of our defenders were close to being that bad for their goals but both balls were pretty similar, the only real difference is Zouma is way quicker than Vestergaard is so got to the ball before Adams and should have dealt with it, whereas Vestergaard
  7. Defensively naive in the first half I think, particularly from Bednerak. We should have known all about Werner's running and pace as Ralph managed him but they seemed caught out by him, no idea why they were stepping like that and allowing so much space in behind them. But stepped it up second half, with some help from Chelsea's poor defending. The pleasing thing is we have Armstrong, Salisu and Diallo to challenge into that team and potentially improve it. Also pleased to see Adams get a goal, his pressing and link play with Ings has been very good they are going to cause prob
  8. Armstrong will be back, he was only serving out his coronavirus quarantine period I believe, but was already back in training. Walcott has at least shown he seems to understand Armstrong's role, so hopefully we have at least a solid replacement for him now. Smallbone hasn't looked comfortable playing there, but I think unlikely Walcott will get in ahead of Armstrong if he is fit.
  9. Isn't Ralph just very particular about the level of fitness and preparation the player have? If he had an injury or illness that basically kept him out of most of pre-season, then it would be understandable it would take him a while to get back to full fitness and Ralphs standards. Plus if it was an injury then they probably didn't want to rush him and risk aggravating it again for no reason when we have 3 fit centre-backs.
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