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  1. I'll make a prediction: Salisu to Newcastle for £35 million or he stays at Saints for the rest of his career and becomes captain eventually. (Am I a coward for hedging my bet?)
  2. Magpies playing like Man City - what being a £200-billion club does to one's self-belief.
  3. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say Ralph would have been long gone if Cortese was still at the club.
  4. They should have asked if we wanted a straight swop. You'd be surprised, the board might have said yes, chance to shift Ralph without paying compensation. Reset, reboot, roll the dice again, whatever you call it.
  5. Sorry I think the complete quote is "There are two divisions in the Premier League - the top six or eight and the rest of us. Our job is to do well in our division." The board were clearly unimpressed with this too-clever-by-half remark after a dismal run of results similar to what we are seeing under Ralph and Gray got the boot.
  6. I remember Stuart Gray saying, "There are two divisions in the Premier League - the top six or eight and the rest of us." He got the sack shortly after.
  7. So it's Mike Dean's fault this time? Come on Ralph, you can do better than that (no you can't)!
  8. I've been supporting Saints for 45 years too, since 1976!
  9. You haven't got Shane Long's stats in there, does he not score goals?
  10. I always thought Romeu was pronounced Romeoo then I heard fellow-Spaniard Pep pronounce it Romeyou so Romeyou it is.
  11. Can't believe Emma Raducanu doesn't have her own thread. I think she'll win another Slam in the next two years and be world number one sometime sooner than later.
  12. I love Moby the musician but he's a nutter and I find his preaching of veganism in his music videos very off-putting. I love my meat now more than ever after watching this video:
  13. Just saw Zeinab Badawi interviewing Naomi Campbell about her new role as global ambassador for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and thought Badawi looked hotter than Campbell. Asked myself why and thought maybe it's because Badawi looked more natural while Campbell looked a bit too made-up. Anyone see the same interview and agree with me? Or are we full-blooded males not allowed to discuss such things any more in this day and age?
  14. Don't let Andrew anywhere near her.
  15. Ralph never agrees to anything reasonable. Doubtless the mad scientist that he is will come up with a Frankenstein formation where we play well first half, crumble in the second and in the post-match interview he will say we played well and had chances.
  16. Stuart Armstrong absolutely must play if fit. He might be more graft than talent but who cares? He's so positive!
  17. Suggest we don't think too far ahead. Just enjoy him while we have him.
  18. Because it fit their agenda. The left has a habit of gobbling up and regurgitating any and everything that advances their narrative, often in a hurry without checking the facts e.g. the Covington schoolboy case.
  19. I think many people are quietly but keenly interested in how Patrick Viera fares as Crystal Palace manager. Does anyone remember Sammy Chung managing Wolves round about the time we won the FA Cup?
  20. To boo or not to boo, that is the question!
  21. I long for the good old days of "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."
  22. Surely he must be at fault for some of the goals? But OK, clean slate and all that. No idea how much he was on in Italy but everyone knows Premier League wages are the highest in the world (why do you think players call it the best league in the world?) so ten to one we're paying him more.
  23. I like the lyrics but the music is a bit old-fashioned, don't you think? What about setting the lyrics to this music instead? Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz.
  24. He probably can't believe his luck at being chosen to play in the "best league in the world" and getting a raise after shipping 69 goals and almost getting relegated. A bit like how Ryan Shawcross or our Jan Bednarek would feel if Real Madrid suddenly bid for them.
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