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  1. Why insult Trump supporters? Why not try and win them over with polite, logical argument (or be won over)? (I'm a Trump supporter, if it matters - probably shouldn't.)
  2. Why is wondering aloud the colour of someone's as-yet-unborn offspring a sin? Why is it racist? Are we not allowed to wonder aloud about anything any more? Incidentally I'm a "person of colour" (if it matters, not that I think it should).
  3. You know our fans, when they can't spell Gao, you don't expect them to be able to spell Che.
  4. A very Arsenal-like player, surprised they didn't keep him.
  5. A shot across the bow ahead of our two Championship games next season.
  6. Ali Dia > Nathan Redmond
  7. Doesn't deserve such a long post.
  8. He has the "deer in headlights" look which I remember seeing in AVB and Tim Sherwood when their days were obviously numbered.
  9. I rate Ali Dia above Redmond, I really do. If you've ever wondered what Souness saw in Dia, you have to ask what Ralph sees in Redmond. Dia in the 20 minutes he played for Saints, managed to beat a player and nearly scored. Redmond on the other hand too often looks like he's playing for the other team.
  10. I remember when Puel was in charge a home game against Crystal Palace. The half-time score was 0-0. After the break, Puel made a clever tactical change that had us playing the ball on the ground in Palace's box rather than whizzing crosses in because their players were bigger and more physical than ours so we stood little chance of winning aerial duels. We came away 3-0 winners in a tactical masterclass by the dour Frenchman. 0-0 at HT, 3-0 at FT, we did to Palace what Leeds did to us yesterday. When was the last time Ralph got his tactics right? When was the last time we scored a second-
  11. There you go again, pissing on the team 😉
  12. Agree Ralph has to go. He's Wreck It Ralph at the moment, with his energy-sapping constant pressing that spoils any shape we might otherwise have. Pick one: A) Tony Pulis (available and might have a soft spot for Saints on account of his son having played for us) B) Nigel Pearson (available and DAJFU before) C) Mark Hughes (available and DAJFU before but what irony!) D) Chris Houghton E) Eddie Howe F) Kazakhstani relegation expert Itsan Emer Gency
  13. I think it was also a case of if you're fit, you play otherwise known as we're down to the bare bones.
  14. Apparently you can fluke an entire season: https://www.liverpool.com/liverpool-fc-news/features/liverpool-michael-edwards-transfer-traore-19875338 Reckon Wolves got greedy and bluffed with £100m but nobody called their bluff.
  15. I used to be in the art business and occasionally would see a work of genius by an undiscovered artist. You ask to see more of his/her work and then you realise the "masterpiece" you saw was a fluke. Hopefully that's not the case with Salisu. Like you, I have a good first (and second) impression of him.
  16. Messi + Mane + Salah + Pahars = MINAMINO 💘 Let's hope the bin dippers don't nick him from us.
  17. Obviously Forster, McCarthy can't save a penalty to save his life.
  18. Call me controversial but I'd have Puel back in a heartbeat. He knew how to pace a game, keep a tight defence and grind out wins, which is more than can be said for your beloved Ralph. Ralph is a one-trick pony who has been fortunate to have Armstrong, Ings and JWP who happens to be on form with his freekicks.
  19. Will Ralph really be gone if we lose the next 10 games? He seems to be concubine no. 1 for half the fan base and the club have not issued the poisonous statement, "We have every faith in him."
  20. Are you serious or is your Portugalness showing?
  21. I remember last season Sheffield Utd briefly topping the table and dropping like a stone thereafter, see where they are now and where Saints could be next season!
  22. It wasn't just the fact we lost, it was the way we did lose. Not to mention the number of unwanted records. Surely the board have to consider a change at the top. Who to replace with? A) Tony Pulis (available and might have a soft spot for Saints on account of his son having played for us) B) Nigel Pearson (available and DAJFU before) C) Mark Hughes (available and DAJFU before but what irony!) D) Kazakhstani relegation expert Itsan Emer Gency E) ?
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