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  1. Apparently Alcacer is on his way to Watford.
  2. If we can get 7 mill. for him it would surely be good business.Reinvest but not Ings.
  3. So far so good, but as many have already pointed out, we need a creative midfielder and a striker. If money is the issue, we have certainly many to sell. We tried to buy Maddison but failed. Is Armstrong a replaicement for him? Hope not. And even tough we have many strikers, they are the same as last season. And how many did they score all together?
  4. 10 mill.£. for Targett is a good piece of business
  5. Sell him to the highest bidder. This drama sucks the energy out of the Club.
  6. According to a mate of mine Who was there, only Stephens played well.
  7. If Martinez is good enough for Belgium he is good enough for us.
  8. stedje

    Striker Sale

    In:Gabbi, Austin and Long Out:J Rod and Gallagher
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