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  1. If I remember correctly he left to flog paint or kitchen countertops or some such. TLDR The players are not very good and the players have realised they are not very good and that has made them worse.
  2. Most interesting thing was at that bottom of the article where is said ....... "You can support our local team of expert Pompey writers by subscribing here for all the latest news from Fratton Park for 14p a day." An expert does not include someone who can write normal paragraphs if their usual standards persist. Also I do not think 14p is enough to make me read this drivel.
  3. Having a look at their results this season, they had a good start but have really tailed off, maybe mid table now, but if their current form persist pompey will be looking down before long.
  4. The winter of discontent follows the autumn of moaning a bit, the summer of it's not like it used to be and the spring of general complaining.
  5. If we got rid of the gravel working we could turn watching saints to being like going to the Monaco Grand prix, the wealthy can tie up their boats and then watch a turgid hour and a half of non action! Perfect.
  6. The one way to guarantee you fix such a problem is when too many people start doing it. Someone go check Jimmy Carr's house, if he is doing it they will definitely do it!
  7. The nice thing about laws is that we can change them, so if something seems dodgy but legal we can fix it. Although I doubt there will be much appetite for actually doing anything.
  8. What professional credibility do you have? Could I check out your published work? Can I read your journal articles? Is the problem with the data collection, the methodology or the conclusions? Is it possible to show me which studies are flawed and why they were wrong. Science is freaking amazing, it provides me with a good life. But because I said so is not normally the way we do it. My area of work has nothing to do with studying climate but I am sufficiently knowledgeable to read the papers on the subject that pertain to the chemistry portion and get what they are saying and understand
  9. I have just read two of the worst articles from a "newspaper" I have ever read. They seem to have forgone the normal way of structuring a story for instead firing a shotgun loaded with sentences and seeing what order they would appear in. So Kitson was despised for being above average intelligence of a footballer in Portsmouth, maybe he should have cashed in the atmosphere rather than the pay cheque.
  10. I remember doing it 8 times in an afternoon but I got a real bad headache. On the other hand I thought Gaston Ramirez might come good in time and I got that one wrong.
  11. I am much better at wanking than judging player potential.
  12. He fucked up on Afghanistan, better on covid. Afghanistan has been a problem for a real long time so maybe it is better overall to cut your loses early there and focus elsewhere as Machiavelli suggested in "The Prince" Basically do the unpopular but necessary thing early in your reign so they are forgotten about displaced from the consciousness by other later actions. Its telling to see that when confronted by the crisis of ISIS in Iraq the country of Iraq came together to deal with it. When confronted by the Taliban Afghanistan could not, because clearly the people do not share that common co
  13. UK companies 'perform better' with overseas owners Its ok now we have turfed out those unelected eurocrats running our country (well I do not live their anymore but still) we can create room for foreign corporate overlords to dictate how the country operates. So welcome to US bankers, Chinese government owned companies and eccentric tech entrepreneurs deciding stuff. Way better don't you think?
  14. So they have simply decided on a new system of division of labour. Instead of one guy in charge of all aspects with another guy helping him then going down to specialised coaches below them they have decided to have two people responsible for different areas with the specialised coaches reporting into the respective area leader. Its hardly something to suggest the world has ended. But a reasonable system that might have intrinsic benefits over the alternative system. Clearly what we were doing was failing to produce the same results as at earlier times, maybe in former times our setup under di
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