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  1. I have never understood the idea of putting people in a squad who are "great for the locker room" but wont play. You can bring them along anyway if they were that useful just to hang out, join in practice, pump up the spirits without them using up space. And if they become moaning twats for not being picked I am not sure how useful their "locker room" contribution was anyway. Same goes for giving exposure to younger players for a future tournament who you are not going to pick. Breaking News https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57560206 Mount and Chilwell have to iso
  2. In the old days they always aimed for the top corners because they were unsavable, now it is this stupid game theory guessing game. If you are good enough you do not have to guess which the keeper is going or look like a turnip when you try to cheekily put it down the middle and they just stand there. However not that many people are good enough so it is kind of moot.
  3. Studies show intelligent people to be better at fooling themselves by the ability to rationalize.
  4. Science relies on collecting data, you cannot just claim stuff are cures and then go round injecting people with stuff. How science actually works is people who have spent a lot of time acquiring knowledge, but mostly learning how to get a machine to give you a correct number, to use that existing information to make guesses at what would happen if we did something. Then they try varriations of it to see if what they expected to happen did or not, and then use the obtained information to refine it or rule it out. it does not occur when people look at stuff and just say things with
  5. From the games I have seen the referees have not been very interested in giving out fouls to every contact that players make with each other. It has been quite refreshing.
  6. Managers coming in from less renowned leagues are able to bring some under appreciated gems with them, which is what Koeman seems to have done, and what built Wengers success with the influx of French players when he started at Arsenal. Coming from Germany, a more substantial league then Holland or France of the 90s means that those type of players simply are not floating around in the same way inexpensive and unrecognized. Which players that finish 2nd in the Bundersleague are going to want to come to a bottom half of the premier league team? However playing for the biggest club in Holland, w
  7. We have been in the premier league since 2012. The generation of players who last made a significant impact were appearing in the match squad at age 17. I will let people start doing math.
  8. In many games he appeared to be our only creative spark , but would invariably get scythed down by the oppositions crunching tackle with no one else really working to help out or make the most. I think he is better than some of those other players that have had "moment" but ultimately ended up loaned out. To shine he needs to be in a more advance position than he was often played at. I am hopeful for this one in away that a bunch of others flattered to deceive.
  9. If you wait for the man to give you more you will be waiting a long time, you have to move company for that to happen normally.
  10. I think its time to build on rather than build for, we had a pretty good run last time out.
  11. So.... when workers would like more money = problem when CEO like more money = system working correctly got it!
  12. Pay CEO less! Reduce inflation! Yeah I can get behind that message.
  13. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/22/wages-rise-at-the-fastest-pace-in-years-firms-profits-could-take-a-hit.html I read this article having a real hard time going along with their clear sympathies of the author. Maybe a pandemic every so often helps boost the normal person wages, after all a side effect of the black death was a dramatic increase in wages and increased freedom for the peasants. Note: Not suggesting deliberately infecting a bunch of people for economic gain.
  14. Having met regular trans people, who mostly just wish to blend in and be treated like a regular person all this look at me stuff must be really infuriating.
  15. The financial markets have been mostly gambling for sometime now, it only makes sense to take underlying assets out of the picture and just bet against each other, I cannot see anything going wrong.
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