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  1. Two groups of people who would rather sell stuff to each other than kill each other is a positive, I just don't see what Trump really has to do with it.
  2. IF you score or create goals in some games and anonymous in others then I could see the reason to persevere but if you never really show up except maybe one game. Then questions get asked. If you want to be picked you have to show why you should play and when you play you need to show why you should keep playing. We are not talking youngsters trying to break into a team but rather players that should be ready to go from day one even if they have room to grow. If they don't have something about them from a few games in they are never going to have it.
  3. Former campaign manager hospitalised for own safety This story epitomizes what working for Trump has done to people, where he warps reality around people and casts them off, sucked dry when they are no longer useful to him. I feel sorry for this guy, and his family. Pushed into a position he was probably not really prepared for, being asked to work miracles and then ending up like this. If everyone who worked for you gets tossed out and deemed a loser, then maybe the judgement of the person doing the picking in the first place is the problem, if he only can select people he later thinks are losers. Or alternatively it's just a big pile of BS.
  4. I am still waiting for Gaston Ramirez to come good. If a player like this turns up and does nothing for a couple of years, a couple of years more they are not going to suddenly turn in to Mane. It only took him a few games to find his feet.
  5. Part of the Democrats problem is for the last decade they have been losing governor and senatorial races which means the bench of candidates to pick from (who have the electoral background to be taken seriously) has been rather thin, and those that did put themselves forward seem to fall in to a hole marked "republican stereotypes of a democrat" all by themselves without needing to be pushed. Biden won as he was simply the most credible, person with some experience that did not voluntarily paint themselves in to a stupid corner. I would not have chosen him, as a permanent resident i get to suffer without having any influence, but I still have an opinion. But the choices available although wide was not very deep. They needed a boring, middle of the country senator or governor with a bit of name recognition, Klobucher came closest to that, but she choose loyalty over ambition. So by default it went to Biden. My concern going forward is that in the future an effective autocrat will follow the road map Trump laid to take power and use the office for much worse outcomes. The things which stopped Trump were courts, which in this system can be fixed using the political system given enough time and his laziness and lack of imagination. If someone who really wanted to use the levers available came along, enough people in the right places can be assembled to let them do it.
  6. He just got of the prostitution charge because the florida court of appeals says you have an expectation to privacy while getting happy endings and they cant use the tapes as evidence, that should help with the fit and proper test.
  7. There is nothing in there that is beyond the wit of man to invent. So how would you tell the real word of a god and something created by humans?
  8. At no point had a majority of the world's population believed and/or worshipped this particular god so why the difference now. If Jesus came back in a similar fashion as written about circa 2000 years ago. How would we tell he was Jesus, what would he have to do show people. If things have gone so awry he cannot put in another appearance.
  9. The answer to this is that the world has just the right amount of evil in it, this god fellow has decided this apparently. Enough to allow free will, not to much so he can appeal to the believers.
  10. I think we have proved over the last few years that the magic sauce of picking winners and loser was more down to a talented individual that number crunching. These stats picks only seem to really work in sports that involve more set piece plays and not continuing play sports. With PEH you might get the ball of the opposition a lot of times because he keeps giving it back.
  11. How would you be able to tell the difference between a lie and something truthful when claimed about something we cannot ourselves examine. We would therefore have to trust that we are informed correctly. Yet there has not been any direct information for 2500 years for Jews, 2000 years for christians or 1500 for muslims. So how could you tell if something is true or not.
  12. I do not think he is as good as he believes himself to be. I would like him to go anyway regardless of fee. Our best players have struggled at the richer clubs, I think it will be a quick demise from there on out.
  13. So when an anonymous person writes they have a girlfriend there is doubt. But when someone else we also do not know wrote that someone returned from being dead that is more creditable.
  14. Have you ever had a feeling for someone else and then later discover that the person was not what you thought they were and ended up not having those feelings anymore? Those feeling were real, but ultimately did they have the meaning you ascribed to them at the time? So can you trust feeling as a fair judge of a situation?
  15. Mystic Force


    I am wondering what the back death would have been like if medieval peasants had facebook. There would be a guy with a picture of him with as many rats as possible saying its not real. Another with a small pimple saying the end of the world is nigh. People just trying to pray it away, while they accuse some shadowy government of robed individuals telling them all what to do.
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