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  1. Well they are in the process of finalizing administrative rules that will allow firing squads for death penalty (because they are worried about the availability of chemicals for lethal injection) . I wonder what the statute penalties for treason currently are?
  2. Single best comment I have ever read.
  3. If you have Audible and would like to learn more about you can listen to... The Beautiful Brian by Hanna Walker-Brown, which goes into this in detail, covering the science and the personal stories of footballers. It is not just about death, it's about the quality of life of the people affected before they die, their mental decline and the effects on those around them. Once upon a time we were ignorant of the consequences, now we are not, at that point we should be duty bound to do something about it. Various forms of tackling were outlawed because of the damage that can be done, it d
  4. There has been extensive investigation into this and many documented cases (famously Geoff Astle amongst them) In the past balls were heavier but the on going danger that is up in the air as the balls are different than in the past, but the power that modern professionals can achieve is greater than in the past through advances in conditioning. What causes the damage is the brain sloshing around in the head, caused by sudden energy transfer (Therefore helmets are not really useful). I think they have restricted heading in younger age groups, but it's definitely a problem that needs to be addre
  5. The next would be authoritarian is taking note and getting ready. We have seen how easy it would be. All they need is some competence and patience and the system can clearly be broken. The much vaunted checks and balances would not take much to breach, if you can move the right people into the gatekeeper positions, and with the way the system works here that is possible, all sorts of stuff could happen. This is definitely the D-list of operatives running this thing, I worry about what an effective group of people could achieve. The latest nonsense coming out is an influence peddling plot
  6. On the topic of ID, I have been attempting to get a new west virginia drivers license as I recently moved here, Iowa by comparison is very straightforward. First I had to try to get an appointment, there were none available in the county I reside in till mid January, so i got one in a town 1hr 20 min drive away on very twisty roads which induced my dog to start puking. When I get there with my bundle of paperwork from my just purchased house, I do not have the right paperwork to prove residency (because I dont have 2 utility bills yet or some such) So the next appointment I can get is in a dif
  7. This is what seems to have happened in America. Once upon a time people agreed on the objectives, but disagreed on the way to get there. Now they also disagree on the objectives. Biden does not come out of this election looking strong. This election has moved the overton window, the fact that after all that has happened it was still this close suggests that people have a tolerance for incompetence and dishonesty, as the only thing important to certain sections of society is to make liberals cry. Next you need to understand that what the word liberal means in america does not cover the same ter
  8. Its more that some state legislatures refused to adapt to the prevailing circumstance for whatever reason. Other states were able to process ballots earlier and reported results sooner.
  9. That cartoon is probably the best commentary I have seen on the election. I admit I got the result very wrong. The problems seems to be the democrats bet the farm on Hispanics, In the process they turned off those white voters, but the Hispanics were not as loyal to the Dems as they expected. To be so close when running against this shower of garbage, who mishandled a crisis show just how bad the democrats are at picking good candidates for president and how shallow the bench was for quality. When watching the debates Biden could never actually deliver a clear reason he would be better, they j
  10. You remember at recent UK elections, where they were expecting close results and all the media were going to set up studios in front of parliament, while there was confusion of how to form a government. Then the results rolled in and it was a clear cut victory, and they all quietly packed up and went home? Well thats whats going to happen this year. In rural Ohio and Iowa you are not seeing the signs for Trump you did 4 years ago, in fact its pretty even in the areas you would expect Trump to easily carry. My prediction is Biden takes Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Iow
  11. I have a way of telling who will an election by counting signs. And in the areas where Trump out performed in the election the signs are not outside peoples houses like they were 4 years ago. So I am pretty confident to say he is toast. If he cannot run up the vote in the rural areas like last time there is no way he overcomes the enthusiasm gap. I think for many people they just got board of hearing the same old stuff over and over, without being able to develop new ideas, for the current problems.
  12. Two groups of people who would rather sell stuff to each other than kill each other is a positive, I just don't see what Trump really has to do with it.
  13. Former campaign manager hospitalised for own safety This story epitomizes what working for Trump has done to people, where he warps reality around people and casts them off, sucked dry when they are no longer useful to him. I feel sorry for this guy, and his family. Pushed into a position he was probably not really prepared for, being asked to work miracles and then ending up like this. If everyone who worked for you gets tossed out and deemed a loser, then maybe the judgement of the person doing the picking in the first place is the problem, if he only can select people he later thinks a
  14. Part of the Democrats problem is for the last decade they have been losing governor and senatorial races which means the bench of candidates to pick from (who have the electoral background to be taken seriously) has been rather thin, and those that did put themselves forward seem to fall in to a hole marked "republican stereotypes of a democrat" all by themselves without needing to be pushed. Biden won as he was simply the most credible, person with some experience that did not voluntarily paint themselves in to a stupid corner. I would not have chosen him, as a permanent resident i get to suf
  15. I suspect the "bad" dishwashers are because he is too cheap to buy good commercial grade ones at his golf courses and the staff always complain. People are dying, I know light bulbs!
  16. He did not have the balls of steel to tell the american people at the beginning the truth of what this disease might do to the economy and peoples health. You are going to blame someone else for your own inaction because they did not tell you strenuously enough? With the resources available to the federal government they could have their own response and monitoring, except they closed that down last year to save $30 million, good cost savings there. He even told how he talked to the china at the start and how they were doing a great job. So was it Trump they duped or WHO that was the real pro
  17. I have to listen to people here praising trump, while also denying reality on a daily basis by 90% of the people I have to work with. This area has not had a lot of cases but it is in the area. The lockdown just means you cannot go in certain stores but walmart is still open and the DIY chains seem busy from the cars parked outside. I drive to from work and avoid all other locations, because if the virus starts freely circulating here it will rip through the area quickly. Its a shame the choice now seems to be voting for the person who has done the less sexual assault. They needed an equiva
  18. Between millennials eating Tide pods and Boomers mainlining Lysol it look like its up to Gen-X to save the world.
  19. I have been looking at the graphs for the US closely and only one state has had a significant drop in detected cases and that is Louisiana, which is for a unique reason that their big spread was because of Mardi Gras, If you pick a random state the number of detected cases now is higher than the day the orders of isolation began. So if we relax things now the base load of cases to start wild spread rates will be much higher than when we shut stuff down and the infection rate will just take off. We need to bring it down till it manageable by test and trace and that infrastructure is not in plac
  20. Why is it that Tiffany never gets any love?
  21. I get angrier and angrier sitting here going through this whole experience, with the incompetence and out right lying. Now the stimulus bill is passed small businesses are not receiving help, but lobbyists are descending on DC to get their snout in the trough ignoring all social distancing. People getting paper checks for their funds have to wait longer so they get the privilege of seeing Donald's signature rather than timely funds if you don't have direct deposit you are likely to be in the group most needing this. Trump continues to find enemies to blame instead of being a leader, if he simp
  22. Oh FFS, the WHO is a group for sharing information and coordinating international action, not singlehandedly fighting every disease known to man. In the above comment about human to human was not proven this is scientist speak aimed at other scientist. This is how we speak to each other, what it says is we do not know, not that it does not occur, it would be interpreted by another scientist who understands the terms of art and communicated into language that non professionals can understand to inform there actions. For people to take scientifically accurate statements and then take the everyda
  23. Sorry, That should say enlightenment not entitlement.
  24. I think my Trump loving office mate finally gets it. He told me that his brothers neighbor in his 40s with no underlying health issues succumbed to the virus. With it occurring within someone's sphere of personal knowledge, who was initially denying it was serious, the realization that this was bungled might be dawning, how sad that this is the cost of entitlement.
  25. Any victory will be down to the Governors who wagged the fight in the absence of a centralized response. Places like Ohio and New York have had governors very active in their response. they have been decisive, not always right but doing what they thought had to be done. In West Virginia even though there were barely any cases, but surrounded by states where it was growing, took pro active steps to prevent the spread into the area. I am worried about those states (like my old state Iowa) that did not act promptly, being a reservoir to re-infect the other states that went through the economic pa
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