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  1. If we could get the french to give Calais back we could use that as our clearing station!
  2. What is clear to me is that the ideological camps have circled the wagons around certain things being the only correct position and debate has been reduced. Black and white thinking is not useful for actual problem solving where reality has to play some part. Take for example racism, in some circles it seems that is more important to be anti racist than to make the lives of people better with practical change. But the other take is that it does not exist, in fact they benefit and also they deserve whatever they get while holding these three paradoxical views means not looking at yourself. Not
  3. Maybe the best managers in the world are the ones who can do this task. People sill like winning right? When someone gets a trophy they all look pretty happy, so I think I would push on that angle a bit if I was in charge.
  4. As an actual scientist (not in this field) I thought it was a really interesting paper, with good methodology. What it was saying is that the spike proteins of the virus will concentrate in a cell nucleus and interfere with DNA in such a way it reduces the ability to produce immune responses. AND because this in a known effect we should design vaccines which lead to shortened spike proteins that were unable to have this same effect. Doing so would make the vaccines more effective particular in people whose immune system is not as robust. So this paper is not fear mongering about th
  5. Oh contraire PM In Soviet Russia Peppa Pig Watches you!
  6. The problem with the Kyle Rittenhauser trial is that what he did was not against the law. The good news is that laws can be changed, the bad news is that they will not be. Because the right to have guns is more important than peoples safety. Some people every year will lose their lives because no action can be taken. A person who in reality posses no threat can be lawfully killed by the police because they are seen as a threat stating they thought they were armed when it turns out this is not the case, and they will face no consequence. In another case the police are just fine with
  7. Romeu is still probably the best player we have for that particular role, but he wont be able to keep it up forever. That second half was hard to watch, we just couldn't get any rhythm. If Theo was dropping down to find the level he can still play effectively at he needs to drop a bit further. He had some nice ball control, but you could see he was not going to go anywhere with it. Vestergard was a poor defender, but his long passes gave us the get out of the back card we do not have this season. I am glad Vestergard moved on but we need to find a substitute for that option which will work for
  8. I used to live in Enfield, if that helps. I can safely say there are no saints players residing here in West Virginia. But I did watch Bradley Wright-Philips playing for Columbus Crew so he cant be too far away.....
  9. Canada looked pretty useful against Mexico, whose recent generation of players does not match the previous one. That game was played in insane coldness on an artificial surface. I feel most for the keepers, everyone else at least gets to run around to try to stay warm. I can live with GSTQ but I am going to have a problem when before too long it becomes GSTK, the current incumbent I have some respect for the next up for the job not so much....
  10. If you have ever had the dubious pleasure of traveling on the A303 in the past the Ilminster bypass was notorious for its section of two lanes of traffic almost wide enough to be 4 lanes, and the accidents that occurred when people going in opposite directions decided to give this a go. A couple go at this persuaded me that going via the A35 was preferable when traveling to Southampton from East Devon
  11. The cabby charges you like 50 quid for puking in the cab, how much for blowing it up?
  12. With modern medicine keeping people going in the future it is very likely any new monarch will only be getting the job at an age other people will already be retired.
  13. I would have more sympathy for the second job if for example they worked the overnight shift at the petrol station or operated a forklift at a warehouse, but they are generally doing very little actual work. Need some extra dosh how about doing some landscaping as a contractor or dig some ditches, work at a call center. IF you are in a profession that requires continuous work to remain certified well that's seems okay to a limit, but you could not be a long haul airline pilot and expect to represent people. I think it is time we realise that we have a democracy and therefore a choice and
  14. I enjoyed seeing the Bluetones in Southampton in about 97 does that count?
  15. The thing is next year they will put up the headline Ticket Price to remain unchanged! * *Booking feel will increase 5 pounds per ticket
  16. Can we get Erwin then?
  17. I am going to go down the shop and buy a Mars Bar and pull out my change only to find the sticker on the item only covers the item and not the cost of delivery to the store the cost of putting in on the shelf, the self adhesive sticker with the price or the cost of the person who is brining it to the till (me) except that the person brining it to the till will be charged a finders fee for being given the opportunity to transport said item*. *I must accept all terms and conditions at this point too. There is no right of repair and I can only use the item in a set manner and no righ
  18. When they flogged the water of in the 90s they told us it was so us tax players would not be on the hook for the expensive repairs that they would have to do because of the age of the infrastructure, but instead it would be the water consumers (also us by the way) who would pay instead. Now it turns out that we haven't payed to have it fixed after all in the increased bills following privatization and that we will have to pay again!
  19. Best name in that list has to be Marvelous Nakamba. That's an awesome name! But agree Liverpool would have a big miss there.
  20. If I remember correctly he left to flog paint or kitchen countertops or some such. TLDR The players are not very good and the players have realised they are not very good and that has made them worse.
  21. Most interesting thing was at that bottom of the article where is said ....... "You can support our local team of expert Pompey writers by subscribing here for all the latest news from Fratton Park for 14p a day." An expert does not include someone who can write normal paragraphs if their usual standards persist. Also I do not think 14p is enough to make me read this drivel.
  22. Having a look at their results this season, they had a good start but have really tailed off, maybe mid table now, but if their current form persist pompey will be looking down before long.
  23. The winter of discontent follows the autumn of moaning a bit, the summer of it's not like it used to be and the spring of general complaining.
  24. If we got rid of the gravel working we could turn watching saints to being like going to the Monaco Grand prix, the wealthy can tie up their boats and then watch a turgid hour and a half of non action! Perfect.
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