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Huddersfield Highlights Are Up [UK Fans Only]

St Landrew

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Cheers for that. Just made my morning. :D


Is that the 1st time Papa has done his celebration?


No he has scored four in the league, one in the FA cup and I think four (?) in the JPT although he has only started something like 12 matches. I think he has scored more for us than any of his other clubs.

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All goals were great, but I was impressed with the goals from Hammond and Puncheon - both would not have looked out of place in the Prem TBH.


Puncheon's goal was top class. Very little backlift and preparation, and curled into the far corner. But I thought all the goals had something about them. For example, Lambert's assist for Papa's goal was inch perfect.


On that note, try watching the highlights and pay special attention to Lambert's layoffs and flick ons for goals and near misses. He does it all the time, and they are damn near perfectly excecuted.

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