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Club Wembley Ticket Holders


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Reply from club re: club wembley seats and colours



Club Wembley seats (without hospitality) can be entered with colours being worn












David Luker


Head of Supporter Services


Southampton Football Club

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Glad to hear that colours are allowed in the non-prawn sandwich Club Wembley seats.


I'm in Block 248 so my mate tells me, with the rest of "my lot" in the heavens in Block 501.


im doing the same with jumper, no problemo....! This can be a club wembley thread....Im in block 242 row 14! where is everybody else in club wembley?!



Cool i'm in 243 or 247 got 4 tickets in total so not sure where to sit 243 looks better to atmosphere

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Me too! Row 1 seats 43-46.


I'll be the one in the morning suit, top hat, monocle and silver tipped cane.


Thanks for the advice, Block 5!


I think it's been decided that a white tuxedo is de rigeur, although I still feel that the top hat, cane and monocle will lend you an air of refinement. Plus you can keep a rapier secreted in your cane in case the stewards get oppressive.

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