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What is the point of Jedward ?


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I think it would be easier to explain how the universe began, or if the chicken or the egg came first rather than why those two untallented and waste of oxygen breathing ***** are burning my retinas and insulting my hearing when I see them on tv.



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It's just lowest common demoniator TV. It would get on my tits, only I really couldn't give a flying f**k about it. There's just no imagination in a lot of TV shows/personalities. I use the world personality in the broadest possible spectrum of the term, including a complete lack thereof. To name a few examples:


Katona - Has been girl band fragment. Hasn't achieved anything of note in nearly a decade, people just watch her because she's messed up.


Jordan - Very similar story. Pushing the boundaries of "glamour model" completely in the wrong direction. People watch her because of a turbulent personal life and a desire for gossip.


Big Brother - Put tw*ts in a house and observe. A very basic formula which grew tiresome after a couple of series, however brain dead viewers somehow kept it alive for the best part of a decade.


Jedward - They used to be on X-Factor. For many, that alone is reason to obsess over them for years.


When will someone dare to be different and create the next League of Gentlemen or Little Britain? They may not have been to everyone's taste, but those those that were, they were brilliant. I'm sick of these programmes with no imagination, which are just vaguely entertaining to the bottom rung of the intelectual ladder.

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I am amazed that some have so little self respect that they would make a television series advertising what a f*ck up they are. Take Kerry Katonas series which was on a couple of years ago, basically a fly on the wall series of her at home doing f*ck all other than sitting around and shouting "Mark" in that f*cking vile voice of hers. Does she not realise that peole only watch it to laugh at her? And for those that did watch it, why do find watching someone sitting around at home entertainment? I must admit to watching it once, just to see if it really was as sh*t as it sounded.

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is she living in her attic? do you think she has a cheapo loft ladder?


Hummmmm, it’s an interesting question you raise there, are you after a cheap loft ladder?


There are several factors that we need to take into consideration when asking this question.


Firstly there is the theory that rich people buy expensive appliances. People with money often spend it on flash items like dresses, cars, etc. But will they also buy expensive produces that are considered ‘needed items’ such as lawn mowers, fridges and loft ladders? My personal opinion is that Kerry would not opt for an expensive loft ladder, but instead she would allocate the funds on some new shoes, or maybe a bulk purchase of Iceland party sized sausage rolls.


Also I think it’s highly likely that the house already had a loft ladder, which would have been considered suitable for normal loft storage needs (This would have been prior to her going a bit mental and moving in the loft).


It is my opinion that by the time she decided to move into the attic, she would not have thought about purchasing a good quality ladder to assist her entrance and exit, which is sad really, as it would have made her trips to the fridge or the bathroom for a peepee much easier.


Of course I am surmising that she was still making used of the houses bathroom and kitchen facilities, but I have not searched through any Heat magazine for additional information on the subject. She could well have been peeing into empty 2.5 litre Dr Pepper bottles and having food delivered to her by family members.


The arrival of family on the scene does however add an additional dimension to you question regarding the quality of here loft ladder, because of course they would still have been of sound mind and as such they’d have seen the obvious benefits of the installation of a better quality appliance.


But my vast knowledge of the human mind leads me to believe that even if they had seen the benefits and even if they had been willing to have funded the loft ladder upgrade with their own money to help a loved one, the major stumbling block would be that in her frame of mind, Kerry would have not in any way been happy about the work taking place. Any suggestion to her of the plan would have agitated her to the point where putting their plans into action could have seriously put her at risk of self harm.


Therefore in summary, it is my professional opinion that the answer to your question is ‘YES’ she does have a cheapo loft ladder.


Naturally I would be happy for anyone to post any opposing theories around this much studied subject, especially if any of you have studied this at degree level.

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I saw the Jedward program on tv last night - it was hilarious.

Only watched it to laugh at them, but there was plenty of that going on.


I said elsewhere quite a while back Deppo is my favourite poster. Perhaps we should start a fan club.

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