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Ahoy there shipmates !


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The MOD has just released new images of the Royal Navy's latest warship design - the 5,400t Type 26 Global Combat Ship:






Intended to replace the aging Type 23 Frigate, the RN will require a class of 13 ships in theory - those who follow this type of thing however may be excused for doubting the service will ever more than half that number.



PS - Not exactly a thing of beauty is it !

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intend for 13.....13 frigates ffs

throw that in with just 6 destroyers...that means 19 gun line units...lol


when I joined up there we 35 of them


As much as the reduction in number of hulls seriously bothers me, each one is now spending more time at sea with longer intervals between re-fits, which does offset the loss somewhat. I read somewhere the decommission date on the Type 23s has been put back because their condition is holding up better than expected.


I also have my doubts that all 13 hulls will be replaced on a one-for-one basis as is intended, but if this does not happen the whole future of the RN is at risk - with what are those bloody great honking aircraft carriers going to be defended ?


I noticed with curiosity that we are taking a long, long time to dispose of the four Type 22 Batch 3 ships, possibly the most capable frigates the RN has ever had (or will have); my suspicion is that these are going to be held in reserve for some time.

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