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Which Saints players have been team mates elsewhere?

Bad Wolf

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No real point to this but was just wondering how many of our squad have played together for other clubs.


I can think of...


Fox/J-Rod - Burnley

J-Rod/Chaplow - Burnley

Lee/Yoshida - Japan


Chaplow and J-Rod wouldn't of played together at Burnley. Jay would of been about 16 when Chaplow went to West Brom.

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Cork played for Burnley with Rodriguez and Fox, and at Sc unthorpe with Forte (and Neil Moss and Simon Gillett at Bournemouth - and was in the same squad as David McGoldrick, but not on the pitch at the same time). He also played alongside Rasiak at Watford (against Clyne, Butterfield and Fonte on 24 Jan 2009 - long with Daryl Flahavan, making 6 future Saints in the 2 match day squads on that day). Aaaaaanyway.

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