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What will you be drinking on New Year's Eve?

Halo Stickman

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Down the pub at lunchtime – couple of pints, nice meal, rain outside, good spot in front of the wood-burner – when for some mad reason, instead of my normal Lamb’s navy rum, I ordered myself a Malibu. That is definitely not a wintertime drink – if it has to be drunk at any time, it’s got to be summertime.


Got me thinking – what is the best wintertime drink, and what is the best summertime drink? Or, is there a good all-year-rounder? What will you be drinking on New Year’s Eve?

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I'm a real old fashioned traditionalist and will stick to champagne for the bells !

Before that probably a couple of pints then a bottle of Macon Lugny with the dinner !

Dancing to a pretty crap 60's live band who will no doubt get us all on the floor with their low quality rendition of ' Hi Ho Silver Lining'!

Deep joy, bring it on .... !

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