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The foundations of this Empire

Barry Sanchez

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When i hire staff, particularly management i look for 5 things.


Respect, integrity, service, excellence and above all stewardship.


Stewardship: Leave a job in a better position than you found it!!! Nicola has got us up the leagues, but if the press are to be believed.... Hes done it on very soft foundations.


If mopo and players now leave youve got to question nicolas unhealthy hold on them all

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Oh get in the bin.


He's left the club in fantastic condition, and at the time of writing he's the only person out of hundreds who has left. Even if the manager and a few players leave, he's left behind a great infrastructure and highly competent workforce. We as fans care most about the team, but the reality is that most of the staff that Cortese brought in to execute his plans will stay.


He was the key man for sure, and we might not be able to continue his incredible level of success. But replace him sensibly, with someone who can lead those staff, and we will be okay.



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It beggars belief that if he goes they all go, well Shaw, Lallana were always going to go as they are on the up, others like the signings he oversaw well where are they going to go to for a profit? They are not so lets keep it balanced in our review of the great football scholar, Pochettino has done well but he had the makings of a good esatblished side before he came here, again the signings since in the main have been gash.

The money the Liebherr's put in was key, as is everything, they go we are ****ed, built upon sand.

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If you can't ban the morons maybe just stop them starting endless new threads to make the same old tedious points.


We get it, you want/need everyone to notice you.


The level of reactive infantile excitement of the bell end brigade this evening has at least shown them up for what they are. Can you imagine the psychotic dedication it takes to appear the least bit convincing on here with your side fighting a relegation battle in division four. C*nts...

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