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Watching MOTD thread

Dr Who?

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Stoke's first goal was pure fluke but the second was an absolute peach.


Just watching Newcastle get taken apart by Sunderland. They will be much weaker without Cabaye and I firmly believe we can overtake them in the league.


Not sure how Altidore managed to squander that chance.

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Adam Johnson has been revitalised since Poyet came in....


He always had real talent, definate outside chance for Brazil


As per Sunderland vs Newcastle, Poyets certainly got them more organised (and the little bit of south american influence). But they arent as good as 3 goals against Newcastle, they are ok, better than relegation.


Newcastle, big blip at the moment. As good as Cabaye was (up there in top 3 cm's in prem for me) surely he wasnt that influential, certainly from an attacking sense but he wasnt always that defensive minded.

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Could Johnson be a threat to Adam's place? Both play out wide and come in. Like to see both in the team personally and Townsend on the bench.


I think Adam is streets ahead at the moment and could get a starting place. Johnson would be at best a squad player. Of course this could change.

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