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Photo from where you are now


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Well done on keeping the Ponsietta (sp) alive, I have tried and failed!

i know it looks like a poinsettia from a distance, but it's actually a begonia!.when it was bought for me,last August, it said on the lable that i would flower for about 4 weeks, then die off.......so i'm well chuffed that its still going (and flowering) after a whole year!! GO ME!!! :D

(should this be moved to a gardening forum,d'ya think)???






ooooooooo now there's an idea..............a gardening forum!! :cool:

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If I was your friend, we could have coffee together here and talk about how useless men are. We should definitely do this. Definitely.

that's very kind of you to offer your services as a friend, but i have lots of mates already, with whom i sit in my kitchen ,drinking tea/coffee and discussing the uselessness of men.......;)

but thanx anyway!..........:)

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You have OCD if that's how tidy your desk is after 8 hours work!!!


Well, it's a 'stock' photo of that room, but it looks pretty much like that most of the time. The empty cups of coffee are at the back of the room though, needless to say...



What do you do exactly?


Well... I'm working for a recording company in West London. My job pretty much involves me either going out on gigs in a big recording truck and setting up mics/making sure everything works/climbing around in roofs of buildings/making tea for semi-famous people etc etc, or being in the office editing/mastering bits of music. EG: I've just finished putting toether doing some crappy Christmas compilation album for a record label.


Does that help?


It has its ups and downs...

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Thats my kitchen units you have and the same work top... you been round mine stealing ideas?? ;)


no, im pretty sure they're mine!! ;)


Who's to say you haven't been round my house stealing my ideas,eh!!:D


(obviously we both have the same good taste in kitchen design,ay!!) :)

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We did this before and was quite good. So if at work in your office or at home take a pic out the window and post it.


No people taking the mick with pictures of Everest etc.! (yes im bored at work!!!)


How about Mount Blanc?




I'm not there now, but that is the view from my office window.

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