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Isn't that what's classed as 'filler'? At least it has a number of words and might be of benefit for those who don't follow Saints but all those people will do is repeat the press mantra of "They sell players and buy new ones and don't do awful, like", then they'll ask why their club don't do it or wonder who they'll buy from us in the Summer. The exceptions are Chelsea, Man Utd, Leicester and City because they just buy 'superstars' and even then they all look at VVD, Bertrand, etc. They also then say the same when we cross their minds, as we do infrequently, anyway.

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Why is it some people (and quite a few journos).... are so surprised that Claude Puel is rotating squad players so much?


Normally it's a sign of panic from managers who can't find "the right formula"......Mourinho, Conte and Guardiola have all done the same in recent weeks. For Saints it's been a necessity, but Claude has made it work, and found one or two new faces, too.


Long gone are the days when we played one game a week and went out of Cup competitions with the second tie.


Injuries haven't helped either, but by mid-season we should have a squad who will (hopefully) be fully fit, and a bench full of players with some real game time to their name, and who are ready to come into a game and know which way we are kicking.

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