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Episode 107 (feat Adam Blackmore) - Total Saints Podcast

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With Saints still self-isolating off the pitch currently, its enabled us to catch up on some great Total Recall’s!


In this latest episode, Adam Blackmore (BBC Radio Solent Sports Editor) drops in for an exclusive chat.


Adam discusses his move to Radio Solent in 2004, the digital generation, what responsibility he feels in reporting on all things Saints, working with Dave Merrington, some of the managers and players he’s interacted with, a few of the ‘slip-ups’ and his assessment of Mr Gao/the current Saints ‘strategy’.


If you'd like to listen to TSP107, you can find it via any of the below links:


acast: https://bit.ly/399YKSB


iTunes: https://apple.co/2UsGtdR


SoundCloud: https://bit.ly/39cJCUy


Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2UoHvaK

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Like Adam Blackmore but wished sometimes he would speak more of his own mind. You feel as if he is holding back info he has as he doesn t want to ruffle any feathers at the club.

Guess it is the price to pay if he wants to have access to the club.

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