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  1. Another excellent listen - very many thanks to all concerned - it is appreciated.
  2. Another enjoyable listen. Many thanks for keeping going.
  3. Good to hear EM in such good voice - clearly a happy man. He`s still a Saint at heart, like the rest of us.
  4. As ever, a really interesting listen. Adam Blackmore is always worth listening to. Nice one, Ben - keep `em coming.
  5. Another really enjoyable edition. Many thanks to all concerned.
  6. Snopper

    Wesley Hoedt

    Delusions of adequacy continue it seems.......
  7. So he`ll be in the shop window on Saturday then?
  8. It`s probably been said already but I find Carragher and Gary Neville the most annoying - I have to turn the sound down -it`s not so much what they say but the way they say it with their God awful whiny northern accents.
  9. Snopper

    Relegation battle

    According to Jenas we need another 5 points (from 10 games) - surely that`s nailed on even for Saints.
  10. Good news indeed. A real bonus if he`s fit for the Burnley game but I hope he isn`t `rushed back` too early.
  11. I just want to get to 40 points.
  12. Roy Keane - never forget when he wandered round the pitch after we were relegated having played ManUre at SMS - waving goodbye and giving us the thumbs down. (And Adrian Heath of course.)
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