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  1. Very sorry to hear this sad news. The thing I admired perhaps most about him was his steadfast insistence in referring to Fergie as `Mr. Ferguson` rather than acknowledging the dubious knighthood.
  2. Looking forward to listening this evening - it`s compulsive Monday night listening. Thanks in advance.
  3. So sorry to learn of the passing of Alan Rayment who played for the county for a number of years in the early `50s. He was 92 and passed away yesterday at his home in Barton on Sea. He played 199 matches for Hampshire and although his `statistics` may be moderate compared to his more illustrious team mates at the time, he was a stylish and determined batsman, John Arlott describing him as "a fine cover fielder and a batsman of decorative stroke play." Yet another boyhood hero from the Northlands Road days.
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