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  1. Imagine going on an Internet forum and seeing a bunch of strangers speculating on where exactly you live.
  2. I have no idea what you are talking about, what does F.S stand for?
  3. I was lower tier a few weeks ago and they were serving at ht, upper this time and no beers so that could be a thing? My last few trips to Watford they’ve not served any at all even pre game but the less time spent in that concourse the better.
  4. Saints fans were class last night, best I’ve heard us in years and hopefully same again at Watford. Annoying that they didn’t serve alcohol at half time. Someone behind the bar said it was because a toilet got trashed and a steward told me the police had instructed them to do so due to trouble in the concourse before the game?
  5. 1 Hour 16 mins in if anyone wants to listen
  6. Always hope for a London away draw in the cup but this was definitely the worst possible one after going to the Bridge 3 weeks earlier. Brentford would of been the preferred choice. I’m still slightly optimistic, we always seem to give a good account for ourselves in the away cup games in London. The 3-2 loss at Spurs a few years ago springs to mind as a great game/evening but in recent years we’ve knocked out arsenal at the Emirates a couple times and always seem to get Fulham at the cottage and beat them. Chelsea will offer us the entire end behind the goal for this, 5k I think?
  7. Is there a designated away pub for this one?
  8. So do we need to provide proof of a negative test /double vaccination or not then? Seeing conflicting things, does it only apply to Everton fans?
  9. You’d expect people would be used to our best players leaving, more so the ones who gain a special status among fans. I still have trust issues from the Lallana transfer. If Ings stayed and did another few years on a new contract he could of become a club legend. He didn’t, oh well. I will still remember his time here fondly and should be received well on his return to St Mary’s. His two goals and subsequent knee slide in front of the Fratton End is an iconic saints moment, possibly one of the best we’ve had in a long time.
  10. Anyone know roughly how many tickets are left on sale for Everton?
  11. Ings has just been done for speeding at 3am, the night we lost 9-0 to United.
  12. A Spurs mate who knows people at the club - not particularly reliable but doesn't look like we have much else to speculate on at the moment
  13. Apparently we are about to sign Ryan Sessegnon on loan from Spurs.
  14. My favourite Angus Gunn related memory was at Chelsea away when a small section of fans tried to start a Angus Gunn inspired Baby Shark chant. Some nutcase the complete other side of the away end was furious at this and went on a screaming tirade of how embarrassing it was and how we will never be respected as a fan base with supporters such as those.....
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