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  1. Having heard little or nothing I shall continue to keep the faith. If Ralph has not yet given up on him why should we.
  2. we can't afford to chance Danny if there is slightest risk.
  3. a front line of Theo, Danny and Che could be very interesting
  4. very happy with the point. my main concern now is what happens when opponents start taking their chances. will Salisu be ready to help out.
  5. I believe enjoying your job and having a good atmosphere at work can help us keep Ralph for some time.
  6. I am very happy to see how Matt has returned and shown his importance to us. He speaks well and acknowledging his closeness to Ralph is a huge bonus.
  7. I have my fingers crossed although Che has begun to look like a useful player now thyat his confidence has risen.
  8. We have been told that there are issues regarding the lad. We are told that he is extremely shy and spreading gossip about him whether close to the mark or not will only hurt him. If Jan says he has shown he has talent and a great physique then we just have to wait until the club feels he is ready.
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