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  1. The question should no6t be how it will cost to sack Ralph, but how much will it cost if we don't. Like a few on here we are hoping that there is three worse teams who finish below us.
  2. Hey, if journos want to build him up we could get more for him. Let the chatter keep flowing.
  3. We played like we were more hungry and with more intent. Nice game to watch and I hope we can play similarly at Burnley
  4. Read it agin MLG. The post says how he is looking in todays game
  5. JWP might have a problem getting a game if our next two games see us winning well
  6. thank god we have won a game and best of all we did it at home
  7. thankfully for us Leeds are on an off day
  8. When did Howe have multiple years in the premier league? unless I missed something his main time was with Bournemouth
  9. who is to say that he wasn't training with Scotland.
  10. For the life of me I fail to understand why Broja is not being given more playing time. Some have suggested that he is indifferent/shows lack of interest. If I was him and knew I was better than those being picked for the team perhaps I would feel the same. As manager I would select him and give him a run to see if his lack of interest is caused by a lack of game time. Either way he should be given the chance to show what he is made of.
  11. Don't think Leeds would allow us to field 12 strong team Chris. Drop Moi and looks good
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