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  1. The Pompey News reporter was on Talksport, smarmy **** and full of himself.
  2. OldNick


    It all seems mad, they had those people from the cruise in quarantine and you see them bussed away but the driver was breathing the air with no protection. It was just such a nonsense up here in Salisbury, they were taking an bus away to be cleansed and the driver said he had been driving for 2 weeks before they took it! As we live in a global world there is little chance of stopping the spread of viruses. We fly half the worlds press across to get a look at anything that interests and they jump back on aircrafts as soon as they have done their piece.
  3. OldNick


    I think Nostradamus predicted for the West to bware of the pigs from the east. This was taken that it was pilots wearing their masks in jets/bombers, perhaos it was the virus threat
  4. OldNick


    Apparently the masks are no good to stop you getting it unless you have a full face mask including your eyes that the virus can get into you through
  5. We have a couple of hem a season now, I know its the old dears down the road but...we did try the old derby but that was time wasted FOUR Nothing
  6. I had a pompey fan send me the 'Pompey fan walks into pub at Wembley and the barman says 'The usual?' When I said if you carry on wallowing around Division 3 you are bound to get there again he lost his voice
  7. Well they scraped through. As soon as I saw that there was going to be 5 mins extra time I felt it would happen. Ah well Exeters team of kids nearly did enough to beat Pompeys first 11. A good day out for their fans and be the first team to retain it. I suppose if you hang around the lower tiers long enough you can do such things
  8. FFS have you morphed into Corp Ho, you are losing the humble inferior complex and regaining an arrogance
  9. Very good, does that include the Johnsons trophy? You have done well
  10. They playing Exeter? oh I might get some free tickets as Ryan Bowman is a family friend.
  11. Oh bugger you've returned, I had an accumulator of you Shergar and Lord Lucan all showing up at the same time, all laid if Pompey went on a long winning streak. Therefore I didnt expect to hear from you again! I suppose a win to could seen as a long winning run with your lot.
  12. Notice that they didnt put one image of him in his weekend attire! Normally he cant wait to be pictured in it
  13. Isnt it a good move having pillars in the way obstructing the view, they will get a premium for those seats lol
  14. Lol read the article and noticed ' and achieving things at PO4 over the remainder of the season.' even the postcode shows our win lol
  15. I received this today 'My son is taking part in a social experiment, he has to wear a Pompey shirt for 2 weeks to see how people will react to him... So far he has been spat at, punched, and verbally abused.... Will be interesting to see what happens when he leaves the house!
  16. schoolboy error there Mack, always best to wait until the games over lol
  17. Just as the weekend looked a disappointment our friends at Pompey let in an injury time equalizer
  18. yeah but the new technology of VAR let us down 9 times, it was scandalous
  19. If you dont drink your milk you will only be good enough to play for Pompey could be the advert in 30years time lol
  20. they are more entertaining than anything served up elsewhwere, not football just generally
  21. An original door key from the Titanic made about 80k so this might be a fantastic investment once they hit the iceberg
  22. It will be better 'project overspend' in L1, L2, Southern League
  23. Theres Nothing four us to talk about
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