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  1. I mentioned for us to get Toney 2 years ago when he was at Peterborough. Another who looks good is the Reading forward big strong and skillful. Scores a decent amount of goals as well
  2. isnt that the returning trucks from deliveries from Europe? Iam only in a small niche market but I have seen major reduction in small companies exporting to Europe
  3. Can I also add that trying to move around this site is pathetic and very frustrating. Trying to go from this topic to the Lounge is impossible. I thought it had been sorted but sadly not. I suspect many are drifting off as they also feel the same frustration
  4. The problem is that we dont know what the managers orders are to him. It could be also a person who really is a confidence player is finding getting slaughtered by his own fans doesnt help him to take any risks,
  5. a sobering thought is that this squad is going to be the nucleus next season and i doubt it will get many more bodies to strengthen! The kids coming through hardly inspire and so a rocky road ahead.
  6. V Leeds Utd circa 1968 lost 3-1
  7. bomb about to go off and the counter is at one when the hero has pulled the correct wire out when he had a choice of 2
  8. It doesn't seem to e getting much reporting about but 3 small family companies who I deal with have closed or just stopped taking bits to Europe due to the enormous amount of paperwork and the large costs. It is difficult finding people who are doing consolidated loads to Europe for my business
  9. Shame for you Mack that Mike Dean and Lee Mason weren't officiating that night at Fratton Park , you'd still have lost 4-0 but Dean would have kept it going in the forlorn hope you would get near our goal to give a penalty
  10. He's great friends with Mark Hughes and has never forgiven us for sacking him
  11. Imagine getting to a Cup Final against Man Utd and Mike Dean and Lee Mason were the officials
  12. If you listen to Totalsaints podcast (if you dont you are missing a good thing) latest episode it was interesting to hear Simon Peach saying that when Dean upheld the penalty and gave the red card all the journos roared with laughter, as they were expecting the decision to be overturned. He's never heard such an incident before.
  13. As for Mike Dean he is a complete prat but there is something I notice nobody has picked up on, he gave only 3 minutes injury time there should have been at least 5 or 6. Imagine that going on for another 3 or 4 minutes. So thanks for that crumb Mr Dean
  14. The offside thing is baffling. When we played Villa we were told that it was offside if it hit something that you score with, but last night his fingers were offside and as far as Im aware you cant score with these
  15. Even if Gao waned to let us have money, the tight laws in China prohibiting money to leave is a massive hurdle
  16. sadly the refs decision rolls on to the next game, who else have we got to play centre back???
  17. you're not Glasgow Saint posting from Kenya by any chance lol
  18. the Arsenal Athletic reporter said Niles didnt fancy coming to us. Probably doesnt like hard work. Much easily joining big Sam where the midfield is not required and he can just jog around
  19. Just seen that Billy Gilmour has been linked to us
  20. Ralph took the decisions with dignity, sadly that means it wasnt all over the media this weekend and brushed under the carpet, wheras Dean Smiths out burst caused a rumpus and hence sympathy came from many directions including it seems VAR! Much like a player standing on his feet when fouled and not going over, he doesnt get the advantage of a penalty. Should Ralph have really shouted about it all?
  21. I wouldn't hold your breath. I will hold that forever
  22. Mason implied he thought it hit Cash on the chest, Dean played the Refs Union card as he knows that Mason will VAR him one day and so backs him up. As for the lino flagging, there is no way he could have seen such a tight decision, he guessed. One of my biggest disappointments was JWP free kick into the wall. That was the best chance and he failed miserably as it seemed to be in a perfect position
  23. 37 years ago!! Oh what a day!!! The thrill of that goal never wanes. 9000 Saints fans at Fratton enjoying the goal that will always be remembered. These few years in the 80's were IMO the best years in Saints history,
  24. The Spurs thing may ring true. Mourinho and his 'I dont want to speak bout another clubs player' does not dampen the speculation but makes it seem he really is interested in him. Spurs know exactly how to play the system.
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