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  1. I suggest comparing Pep's squad to our situation is a tad far fetched as his resources are better than anyone elses. I agree that we have been found out, but that was the case under Poch. Halfway through the season players are shattered and need a rest. Diagonal cross field balls completely take us out of the game, but again this was pointed out under Poch. Personally I think Wolves play it the right way, conserve your energy in the first half and then use it in the 2nd, hence their amazing run of results due to 2nd half performances. We also need the players to be coached ho
  2. Minamino is Mr Invisible. Yes he has scored 2 decent goals I give you that, but at present he is hardly an answer to what we need.
  3. you could see in Mariners face that he realised he had made a mistake. Sadly Leeds TV (Sky ) sided with him. The Leeds player pundit was keen to say he was right and SOURness backed him up.v I had to turn the volume down as the commentators were getting right on my nerves
  4. I will give you some slack as you seem to be of old age but if you have been following Saints ( although are you not an Arsenal fan?)a long time you should know the folly of changing managers on our budget. Chris 'watching paint dry' Hughton FFS I despair
  5. The club would need to be torn up and start again as we are the Ralph experiment. The whole club is geared to his ideas. It would be mad to let him go, Im fully behind him but I do feel we were reckless allowing full backs and midfielders to go out on loan with no backup. Ok they may not be Ralph's men but they could well have filled in to stop having to play Moussa as a midfielder trying to fil Romeu s boots or at full back. Crazy.
  6. Peter Shilton or Niemi wouldnt have got a game in your world then
  7. totally unfair and a bad judgement
  8. I think you are correct CB, the point yesterday must have steadied the ship.
  9. CB, I do hope your'e not a GP with your bedside manner lol
  10. well if they are as good workmen as football judges I suggest you ought to tell them to go now, lol
  11. I think my attitude is being affected by the current malaise of our PL results of course
  12. Sadly this is to the point as much as it hurts. The pointless support of our club is a bit futile really. Ive had enough of the decades of week ends being ruined, not wanting to even watch us as I get so wound up during and after. Football generally has lost its way and as many had suggested VAR has deadened the thrill of scoring as you have to wait for it to be assessed. There are just as many if not more contentious decisions now and as there is a human with their own prejudices making the final decision it is still a poor system. I was in charge of the VAR against Pompey or Liverpool etc yo
  13. Surely we should play Ramsey there , he is the next in line and if he isn't good enough why are we paying him to be in the squad. To play Moussa there is a nonsense IMO
  14. Im not anti JWP but apart from some superb free kicks does he make many telling defence splitting passes, does he score from open play. Yes he very good at breaking up the play and looking tidy. So if we sold him Im not 100% sure that as long as we spent the money well it would be a bad thing. I also feel that Ryan is lacking and whilst important at the moment I think he has had his day.
  15. Crikey that is a surprise. I never picked that, but you are very argumentative and have to have the last word lol .
  16. He made a great save with his feet at Wolves but I think he hardly been stretched in any of the other games you mention. As for at Celtic I dont think we can use that as a good barometer. I dont think they have come to us and wanted to buy him
  17. I understanding your frustration of the sidewards passing etc but apparently this is what is required to get space and us to then make a pass when the gaps appear. I can imagine how poor the atmosphere will be when the fans are let in as they still do not understand how Ralph system works/doesnt work!!
  18. The easy get out with fans is always hat they dont care or dont want to play for the shirt. Im sure if we looked back less than a year there will be many posts saying Vest should never wear the shirt again. You can do the same for many of the current team. Even Danny was questioned for a period. Ive have seen this so many times with players. Hence your he is NOTRedmond shows how narrow minded fans are. Redmond did plenty yesterday and created a few chances, one for Adams and 1 for Armstrong in the 2nd half that on a better day may have created a goal. You want him dropped for a lad who I
  19. Vest hardly covered himself in glory, Redmond created more than anyone yesterday and Tella did one thing at Wolves and so you believe hes a shoe in. As for Forster he has become all of a sudden a fantastic keeper. People have short memories
  20. What annoys also is how thick footballers are, we are in the last minute of injury time and we spent 20seconds dallying to take a throw
  21. Well he set up Adams with a decent chance
  22. Wolves do what we do in reverse, wander around in the first half but up their energy in the 2 nd half. I think we need to should be less intense in the first half and keep energy for the 2nd half. I also wonder if Bertrand it is time to find Ryan’s replacement, I wonder what his stats are for setting up chances as he does get quite a lot of opportunities to get crosses in but they rarely find their man
  23. Incredible. I heard it on the radio and couldnt believe it. The city was buzzing, it as though we'd won the league. Looking back now it was a magnificent feat by Lawrie Mac
  24. Careful what we wish for. If Gao was responsible for Martin Semmens etc he cant be that bad
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