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Music suggestions please?


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Hi all,


Next week I am producing a photography exhibition for a camera club that i work with. Showing a total of around 120-150 it will last for about 8-10 minutes. The photos are of a variety of subjects from buildings, people and animals, to close up shots of plants and flowers. It is just an sample of some of the work that the group have produced over the last couple of years.


I need to put together some background music and am stumped, I was going to go for some soft classical stuff, but ain't too hot on names and composers really. Also considered obvious ones like 'girls on film, 'flash, bang, what a picture' etc.


Please help me here?


I have to take the tracks in tomorrow, and am off down the pub for dinner in a while, so will probably check thread later.


Cheers in advance



I have the means to download almost anything suggested.

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Hey, what about Vision On's gallery music..? :D




When I read that, my first thought was YES, that is the one, then I listened and remembered how naff it sounds. Sorry LS


What about the theme from Requiem For A Dream, it seems to feature on every other montage going.


Lovely, but too sombre for my lot. Again, sorry Ponty


Moby- Porcelain


Now that I like. And even Mrs H knows it, which makes it modern in my book, a definitely maybe (not the Oasis one).



I have also been listening to Cavatina and a bit of Paganini?

Thanks for this people.

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Looking for soft classical and ended up with Moby?

I would have recommended Górecki's Symphony Number Three from Lento, Sostenuto Tranquillo Ma Cantabile, anything from Saint-Saens' Carnival Of The Animals, Smetana's From Bohemia's Meadows and Forest or any Avro Part.

But Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad just seems so much more apt.

P.S at least you didn't choose Evanescence.

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Tell you what then... You want something dramatic, yes..? Then choose Mozart's Requiem. There isn't anything more poignant or more dramatic. Anything more would be over the top. Anything less would be pastoral.


Mind you, Mahler's Symphony No.1 takes some beating.


I was only joking about the Vision On Gallery music, as you probably worked out anyway.

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