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Saints Taking 44,000 to Wembley...

Guided Missile

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Anyway there will be much more than 44 000 saints fans ,,plenty of others ( like myself) have club wembley tickets. As mentioned elsewhere this will be the largest gathering of saints fans in a stadium EVER ... I reckon nearer 50 000



I have Club Wembley tickets too.

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...Pompey taking 32,000.


Nuff' said...


Yes, but let's not forget that all 32,000 of them will be die hard, hard core skates that haven't missed a game home or away in 20 Years and who will get behind their team and raise the roof off Wembley with their singing and passion for their club, the Tottenham or Fulham fans wont know what support is until they've seen them. After all they are the bestest fans in the universe, honest.

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