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RIP The Bill


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Wasn't the actor who played him a complete nutter and slit his wrists in his dressing room when they told him they were writing him out?



complete weirdo. I met him in a gay bar once.




NB. Do not take that previous sentence at face value. There is an innocent explanation on how that situation arose!! :oops:

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I knew Jeff Stewart and his brother Paul from school. Jeff was in my sisters year at Redbridge and Paul was the year below me I think.

They used to live in one of the blocks of flats that backed onto Green Park in Millbrook.

Jeff was always arty farty and into Drama - remember he was brilliant in Sweeney Todd in a school play one year.

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Good, one less Soap style drama. Get rid of Eastenders, Coronation Street, etc... and replace them with intelligent programming and I might start watching TV again.


I won't hold my breath on that one.


Intelligent programming you`r avin a larf, it`s all gonna be ****e reality tv soon. :cool:

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