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A Swedish Movie...

Guided Missile

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...I came across this remarkable video from Sweden, which shows that it is not only in Southampton, that our owner is worshipped...




the woman in the ad. (encouraging people to pay their TV licences BTW) is Stina Ekblad (a well-respected Finnish /Swedísh actress and a type of Judy Dench) ...and very popular in Scandinavia.


She is a very pleasant woman... I've met a few times as her son is in the same class as my daughter at college.


...not a lot of people know that !

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Have i missed something?, they are getting people to pay their tv licence but what has

ML got to do with it?......................now sat here waiting for abuse!


no abuse, but I was wondering about that myself.


I haven't seen it on TV here in Sweden, and wondered if the film had been "doctored " in any way and someone had posted ML's picture there instead?

Edited by david in sweden
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