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Vote for Sir Rickie


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Sky Sports News FL goal of the season.


Rickie's 40 miler goal against MK Dons is GOAL I.


Text VOTE I to 84408


They have said that you can also vote by email to -




or by the red button on Sky.



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Oh and guess what -you can vote more than once by text!!! Not that I would you understand
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Voting is now open for the overall Goal of the Season on SSN.


Rickie's is Goal D in the grand finale.


Text VOTE D to 84408


or via the red button on Sky.


Seeing his name in a list with Ronaldo and Messi is pretty weird I have to say!!


You can vote as many times as you like.

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10 contenders


Rickie 3rd on 22%


Leader is Pat McCourt on 31%

2nd at the mo is Danny Rose on 23%


The rest are nowhere.


Messi on 5% and Ronaldo on 1% lol!!!



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Remember you can vote as many times as you like!
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