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Lallana injured

Saint Martini

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Much as i'd like to see Rudi there, reckon it's important for the XI from Tuesday to have another as they are to build on that performance. of course no Lancahsire but just a stright swap with Wotton there, or even Morgan if he's fit enough.


I reckon Lallana will be ok but if not perhaps let Surman play a little more central?

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Subs: Forecast, Schneiderlin, McGoldrick, White, Robertson.


Wotton? Ali Dia has more ability on the ball. If he is toplay it should be as a CB not CM. Oh Stern John has left by the way.



Cork Perry Wotton Mills

Surman Gillett Schneiderlin Skacel

BWP Robertson


Christ I feel for Jan. Not only do we have a massive lack of quality throughout the squad, but we also have a massive lack of players to pick from. Why sign Pekhart and then Robertson when we had BWP, John and McGoldrick here already? What we needed was a RM and RB, maybe a CB as well.

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