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Nile Ranger to Newcastle


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Not quite Jank!;)


Are you a generation-x child??


Slang word used mostly by generation-x children, now in their college years. It means anything that is stupid or unnecessary, something boring, or if you see something weird or busted. Used for getting laughs or when the proper word for whatever being described would be too nerdy.


Quite an all encompassing word

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Looks like he's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder looking at his myspace page. Got a video of various saints badges slagging the club off, very grown up of him I would say.


Wah wah wah I'm not good enough to make the grade, it's all the club's fault, not mine for having no talent!!


Said without watching the video or ever having seen him play

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I like Snatch as well, its close between the two I reckon


i like cushion


just keep saying it over and over and you'll realise how silly a word it is


cushion, cushion ... and so on


yes i do have lots of time on my hands but at least if i feel the need to say cushion at 3 pm tomorrow i'll be saying it at ninian park

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