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So Watched All Our Opponents Today


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Sat in and vegged out all day 'cause my Guide Dog b!tch is in heat and needs company...Prem comes on here at 7am and I watched every game, some good - some yawners. A couple of impressive teams and some very unimpressive ones. So here's a few observations....


WBA - wow, what a surprise...played some pretty solid traditional English football as well....Oh and some should tell Shane Long that the backpass is outlawed - especially from the penalty spot. Ones for us to watch - Mulumbu, Yacob, Gera


Liverpool - 15 minutes of neat (Barcelonaesque) football, then the roof caved in. Stevie G (and I'm a big fan) was appalling. Rodgers failed miserably....Heard that rodgers is whinging about the refs already - humourless tvvat. Ones for us to watch - Suarez


West Ham - Horrible, yet won ugly playing SamBall. Ones for us to watch - Diame, Vaz Te


Aston Villa - 15 minutes of neat (Barcelonaesque) football, then zero inventiveness or creativity. Lambert failed miserably. Ones for us to watch - Agbondalhor (and he didn't even play)


Reading - Awful, unimaginative lucky. Ian Harte - best player on the park, says it all really. Ones for us to watch - Harte


Stoke - Ugly and predictable. Not one player was better than moderate. Ones for us to watch - Kightly


Arsenal - Neat, smart, but even less toothless since losing Van Persie...the new Spaniard and Arteta looked good. Ones for us to watch - Carzola


Sunderland - Alamo defence, however nothing going forward and let's be fair Arsenal didn't offer much in and around the box. Ones for us to watch - McLean (maybe)


Fulham - Blimey!! Flowing, effective and without Clint Dempsey they were not their recent 'single point failure', so many good performances including Dembele, Ruiz and Petric. Ones for us to watch - Petric


Norwich City - 5 minutes of neat (Barcelonaesque) football, then got eeeeeeenialated by wing play, skill and creative finishing. Ones for us to watch - No one, they're ¢rap


QPR - The old QP ha, QP ha, QP hahahahaha are back. Sparkie with his clueless ex-Man Uers thought he could spend a bunch on hasbeens and it'd be easy, he had his @ss well and truly handed to him today. His team were awful to a man and guess what he picked them so the tool needs to take a long hard look in the mirror before pointing fingers!! Ones for us to watch - Hoillet


Swansea - The most impressive, moved away from the predicable, if effective, Martinez/Rodgers method and played with more flair and invention. Every player including subs were great. Ones for us to watch - Dyer, Michu, Britton


Newcastle - Luckiest team of the day, not that great, yet way more PASSIONATE and able to react better than AVB's flacid bunch. Ones for us to watch - Ben Arfa, Ba


Tottenham - Excellent play, though dominating they typically reflected their sterile coach's inability to raise gears when needed, unlike the Magpies. Ones for us to watch - Bale, Lennon and RVDV


I hope we are able to adapt from the calm, controlled passing Barcelonaesque style when we need to - for obvious reasons, all the teams stuck in that 2 year old time warp fell foul today.


I think just about all the teams that didn't play will be huge challenges tho', even if we expect to do well .v. WIGIN

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Agree with all said so far - great commentary Tim. I was actually a bit shocked to see some of the poor displays, however we should not go into this league thinking that the first game of the season is indicative of the entire campaign and the performances therein. Some of the teams that looked poor yesterday will come good I suspect because they've got good players that adapt DESPITE their managers/coaches.

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Wigan Are gash


They are alright in the middle of the pitch. Other than that, all fart and no shyt



Without Moses and Maloney they must be the bluntest side in history. And there is a chance that we will face them without either

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Chelsea - Efficient and effective. Terry and Ivanovic were dominant and the team played differently to any other this weekend. Ones for us to watch - Hazard


WIGIN - Poor, inert. Ones for us to watch - Moses and Maloney...hopefully unavailble v us.


Man City - A powerful and sometimes passionate jugernaut. Ones for us to watch - Tevez, Nasri (er...obviously)


Southampton Football Club - FANTASTIC, heart, skill, passion, strength...so, so proud of SFC. More light at the end of our tunnel than most. Call me a whinger, I don't care, but for one (maybe two) clusterfu¢k of a (combination) decision by (oh I love BIG clubs) Howeird Webb and his little b!tch linesperson Howeird WebbLite we'd've got a richly deserved result up there...all of you that travelled, a huge 'thanks', you gave us so much joy seeing the red army erupt when SRL equalized and then when SD gave us the lead...your reaction and celebration was epic!!

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I hope Lambert is watching Fellaini! Can see Adkins using the same tactics as he did against Palace last season when he matched Lambert against Clyne.


Didn't work too well for Lee Bowyer and Keiron Dyer at Newcastle ?

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