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Lallana should play on the left


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Feel bad for jrod, he worked hard but I see him competing for a cf plac with RL & sharp.


Sure lallana can play central, but on the left he has had a big impact for us. AL or Lee left, Guly or punch right.


For me our best play on Sunday was when Adam was drifting left twisting and turning and being direct.


+ how much better did we look when we were going for it rather than soaking it up.

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If Adm plays left then you need an AM "in the hole" with our new formation.


That will NOT be JWP, Davis Cork or Morgan so that means Guly, JRod, Lee, Puncheon or Sharp.


But if you stick Punch or Guly there who plays on the right? And after yesterday totally unconvinced that JRod (or Sharp) are CM's. So do we play Rickie there??? Is Lee the work horse with an engine like Guly?


Pretty sure NA sees AL 1st choice with Guly as back up in that position and why we are chasing Ramirez.


The new formation allows Adan to drift where he likes when we attack and he did that to great effect in the first 15 minutes yesterday.


We have a LOT of quality players now and a lot of changes tactically to be expected built around a solid core. Some Saints fans don't see it yet - had a lol at one who thought JRod was playing alongside Guly in a 442 yesterday when we kicked off


What Adam HAS to do is to STOP taking TWO touches. Couple of occassions yesterday he looked distinctly Championship with his first touch. Now WHEN he gets that sorted he will be perfect in the centre

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Playing in the centre he has a natural desire to get forward- none of our other CMs are naturally attacking (apart from Chaplow) and therefore assuming we bring some wide players in i would leave him in the middle where he will grow even more influential. Promising yesterday...


Isn't that what Guly is though he said himself in an interview last season he doesn't like playing on the right and thinks of himself as an attacking midfielder. Adam on the left, Guly in the middle and Puncheon on the right doesn't sound horrible to me.

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Lallana was very effectively defensively yesterday. However, he wan't his usual influential self and barely threw in a stepover in the entire match, which suggested a little bit too much respect for the opposition. He did try one flick through the legs against his marker in the second half, but it was whipped off him and City got the ball. I suspect he'll be back to his creative self on Saturday.

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