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How many points will be enough to stay up


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not that we are in any real danger at all. Just curious


37 points would have got you safe by 1 point last season.

I think with this season being as close as it is at the bottom and with teams like arsenal, city and chelsea not really dropping as many points against the rest.


I think 34 may even be enough this season


tis a very close league this season.

unless you are 9th :lol:

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The bottom 3 have 18 points from 22 games and you think they are going to getting roughly 20 points from the 16 remaining games? Plus those above them would also need to pick up their form in order for enough teams to get more than 37 points.



so as I said 38 points is enough to stay up, don't know why we're worrying about it anyway. The question should be how many we need to get 8th place.

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if current points per game are expanded over the rest of the season, the table would look like this, obviously some teams will go on a bad runs and some on good runs so.


(totals are rounded up/down)


Saints - 53 pts - (1.4 ppg)

Villa - 41 - (1.09 ppg)

Hull - 40 - (1.04 ppg)

Stoke - 40 - (1.04 ppg)

Norwich - 40 - (1.04 ppg)

Swansea - 38 - (1 ppg)

WBA - 38 - (1 ppg)

Palace - 35 - (0.9 ppg)

Fulham - 33 - (0.86 ppg)

Sunderland - 31 - (0.81 ppg)

West Ham - 31 - (0.81 ppg)

Cardiff - 31 - (0.81 ppg)


Going by that it looks like the bar for staying up will be pretty low.

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Few more wins and we're there. Hopefully end of February and we're done but I'm sure we won't make it easy for ourselves.


this. Knowing us, we'll make a meal out of it.


Anyway, based on the table so far, around 35 odd points might see you through. As long as West Ham go down, I couldn't care anymore.

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