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Koeman article


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Lol at Ron's wife!

Is there anyone that would take Mopo over Koeman?

Best signing of the summer by far.


Hahah - can't believe he gave his wife's quote to The Independent. She sounds as amazing as him.


MoPo is distinctively dull compared to Koeman. Can't wait for the Man U game!


We're so lucky to have such an amazing club.

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love his wife comment...


for the younger fan. RK was easily one of the best players in the world in his prime.

Remember watching him score the winner in the European Cup final at wembley (on telly)


tormented England too.


a monster of a player that won the lot

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In appointing Ronald Koeman, Southampton got quite a package. He and Erwin are proving to be a top coaching team, and as he says, who can you trust more than your brother. If you look up Koeman's wife Bartina on the web it shows her to be a successful actress and that together they make a very attractive couple. As well as his brother at the club, it looks like Ronald has a remarkable woman as his home support.

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If Koeman is able to pass on some of his skills to the Saints' squad there will be even better to come. See:-

(The Best Goals of Ronald Koeman) Watch especially for the one where he chips a group of defenders and then chips the goalie. And he was a CB!


that goal at 1.50 is just ridiculous

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