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British women in olympics


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I know I shouldn't laugh at that, but......... I almost spat my coffee out


I don't think it's at all funny. It's not a PC thing or anything, just the guy obviously has no disability awareness at all and his statement therefore sounds rather stupid.

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That would be one scary BJ!


Nothing seven or eight pints of Guinness wouldn't sort out. I'd be up her like a Rat up a drainpipe if I was ******ed.


I always tell girls not to use their teeth anyway when performing on me. Girls who think that scraping their teeth up your shaft makes a man hard has been watching too many BDSM films.


As for the thread, I agree, we do have some ****ing ugly female Olympians.


Why can't we be like the old Eastern Bloc countries, they have some fit totty. Note: this last sentence is not valid for Shot Putting and similar events.

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Guest Dark Sotonic Mills
Is it me or does her chest and bewbage area not look a little weird?


She's a swimmist. Very muscular in the upper torso they are.


Also her bikini top doesn't match the pants.



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