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Why we don't play Charlie Austin every game....

david in sweden

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..this is sure to be a headline story for those gossip media types every time he doesn't start every game- but it does show some common sense.


Of course .. it's good to see Charlie banging in goals regularly, but let's not forget that he still wasn't "100% fit" last season - even after months of rehab.

It would be nice to think he's put that injury crisis behind him, but he's the only "in-form" striker available at present (I like Redmond but 2 goals isn't the World)

and if he were to get injured again, we'd be down to basics again....and we've still got 30 Premier League games to go....and if we are to get European football again NEXT season....we need to qualify in the Prem. which means Top 6 ... or better .


We all want to see JayRod coming back, especially as the prospect of seeing the two of them in full flow would be a real bonus for Saints fans, but until he's clocked up half-a-dozen games without any recurrent injury we need to wait on his fitness - regardless of any potential goal tally.


Puel has repeatedly underlined the need for ringing the changes, and the prospect of EL group qualification, or an extended run in the League and /or FA CUP ...we might conceivably face up to 55-60 games by the end of the season PLUS the fact that some of the squad will also be away on World Cup qualifying games.

In the event of an eventual injury crisis,:scared: it's some comfort to think that the likes of Hesketh and McQueen actually will have had " some game time" already.


So fans ...and hopefully Charlie (himself) will learn a bit of patience, and stay fit and in top form right through to the end of May.....and that is ....a long way away.

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Wouldn't be surprised to see him on the bench for Inter. Give him something of a rest.


Wouldn't be surprised to see a front three of Tadic, Long, Boufal.


Puel said Boufal would be eased into playing. Would be very surprised if he started considering he's yet to play a minute.

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