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Hypothetical Question Time


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If offered a guarantee of getting promoted next season would you accept relegation this? I think I would. Let's face it we're going to struggle and if we do survive we'll struggle again next season. At least going down and coming straight back up involves a season of wins. 

*I realise hypothetical also effectively means pointless but fuck it I'm bored.

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No. We may be amongst the dregs of this league but we have a Premier League set up and long may it last. Signing players with the potential of Livramento and the goal potential of Adam Armstrong, or signing players like Danny Fox and Jos Hooiveld. I know which I choose. 


It seems crap because we have no investment from Gao but we still have better players than some other teams in this league. Hopefully once our hard start to the season is finished and the transfer window shuts, we'll have signed the couple of players we need to make us more competitive.


Also, I know it's hypothetical but going down there are no guarantees to get promoted straight away. Norwich and WBA are seemingly good at it, Watford less so, but we have the sort of luck where we'd get relegated and not even make the play offs. I look at Stoke's team now and it's crap. That could be us in a few years if we're not careful.


Imagine a team like:














I mean it wouldn't be that bad but it may not be far off! Nah, Prem please. I'd hypothetically take, say 15th again if offered now though. Then next summer we could sign a decent Keeper and offload Long and Co for better players.

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