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Saints 3 - 0 Huddersfield - First Half and Half Time Thread


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Couldn't make the trip to SMS tonight... got an early meeting in London tomoz.


.. listening on SaintsPlayer... Northam sounding great and loud!!! Well done my sons, give it to them large...


and a 16 year old nipper on the bench too... Well done Pards, giving the younguns some exposure to the atmosphere. There's nothing on his profile on the OS but apparently he is the son of ex-pompey Chamberlain..



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saintsplayer has been faultless so far for me.


My commentary is fine EoA. Not rubbing it in mind :)


Not in Plumstead it's not......so far.


Oh and listen to that a hiccup in the feed


Oh well must be because it rained in Dubai today :cool:


At least with the hiccup it restarts on the bit you were last listening to, whereas on Sat you missed several seconds ( 2 of the goals :mad:) at a time.

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Bit like your runways this morning with all that rain!


Luckily I missed all the chaos this am and spent the afternoon picking up the pieces ;)


Huddersfield posing a few problems, but eventually dealt with


Lallana shoots from edge of the area from a Lambo lay off, saved by keeper.

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