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New Stadium??


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Listening to BBC Local News at lunchtime there was a piece about NC being 'disappointed' that the allocated expenditure on the team had not resulted in a play off position, as agreed as a target with Alan Pardew. However there was 'no rift' between NC & AP.


The piece then finished with a comment about the possibility of Saints moving from their 'State of the Art' stadium to a bigger ground.


The BBC don't normally make such a comment without some degree of justification but this really came out of thin air.


Wonder if there is anything in it and, in the unlikely event of there being something in it, where would the new ground be?

Stoneham anyone or part of the old Eastleigh railway works owned by St Mogwen ?

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I cant ever see Saints regularly filling a ground bigger than 40,000 - and you could increase SMS to that capacity. What would the benefits of moving be? .

if we were say...in the position spurs, villa and citeh are in..then yes, we would fill 40-oddk every week...


as for a new stadium..it would be an expensive investment to have "more facilities" around it...

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Potentially the first ever thread to be moved from The Lounge to the Main Board!


IMHO, nice to see the club has ambition.


You're right there. Such a shame that there is a thread already on the main board which covers this subject. Otherwise, we'd have a first.

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