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Photos from Wembley


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CHEAT :) Fantastic photos tho - the Papa one is spec... hope you realised it was us muppets flashing and hooting you on the A3 going home :D


lol. Yeah - I realised it was you mate as you passed about 85mph - tut tut ;)


I only just got your message re the pub Mike. If I'd have seen it earlier - I'd have met you there "fore shore". Maybe sometime soon eh?


Cheers for the directions going this morning too. Nice easy trip there. The way home though was a nightmare pretty much. Went with the flow of thousands of Saints cars/coaches/van/mini-buses...and ended up on the M4 somehow! Jeez - talk about a crawl. Didn't dampen the mood though cos I'm still smiling! Get in! :D

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