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Saints v Southend,1st half & halt time chat..

saint lard

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BBC Sport have got Bart at right back?


Page last updated at 16:16 GMT, Friday, 7 May 2010 17:16 UK

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Southampton 0 - 0 Southend

Live text and stats


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Saturday, 8 May 2010


League One

Home Team Score Away Team Time

Southampton 0 - 0 Southend L





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* 01 Davis

* 28 Bialkowski

* 02 Harding

* 06 Jaidi

* 39 Aaron Martin

* 40 Otsemobor

* 14 Hammond

* 37 Antonio

* 07 Lambert

* 20 Lallana

* 38 Connolly




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After last night and a few ****tails on the beach this afternoon ... its moving along at just about the right pace for me to keep up with :cool:


lol you as well:rolleyes:


Hate those gigs when it is easy to keep getting booze. The big mistake we made was Dubliners for Lunch before the Bloody Mary's and then the buckets of Cider et al...


Still a brilliant night.


Is it the fact I was partially deafened last night standing too close to the speakers or is it REALLY hard to hear the taters today


Sarfend doing well, good move & cross from Patterson

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Missus is shopping so I don't have to feel ashamed having a beer at 10am. Apparently, here, you are an alcoholic unless you wait till noon to get blitzed. ;)


Pah that's not a problem, it is always noon somewhere in the world


Looks like the first tactical error of the day, just poured myself a cider..


Sarfend fans singing the "going to Saint Mary's song"

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Drinking a glass of moscato, which has the advantage for afternoon drinking of only 5% alcohol: very refreshing.


A few ****tails on the beach this afternoon were most definitely more than 5% :D


Beer to accompany the match ... Spitfire ...


hey ho it's Lambo time ... 25 yards out ... just wide.:(

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