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The Dandy comic is shutting


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The Dandy is about to print its last edition in December but is hinting that it will take the comic online. Apparently they only sell 8,000 copies nowadays.




I never read the Dandy much, being more engrossed with the Beano.


Comics I also read when a bit older were:


Scoop - great footie comic

Bullet - good war comic

2000AD - great sci-fi

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Very sad but I guess it's a sign of the times. As a youngster I read both the Beano and the Dandy but The Beano was always my favourite. Soon enough I switched allegiance to Buster, which has also since closed down.

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I used to read The Beezer & swap with my mate who took The Beano. Would sometimes buy bundles of Whizzer & Chips & Krazy at jumble sales, the latter had a character called Pongo Snodgrass, I often think of the little snot-filled chap whenever I hear Robert Snodgrass mentioned. As I got older I moved onto Roy Of The Rovers, I would look forward to the issue just before the footy season started because it would include a wall-chart, where you could record all the results & scorers & plot your teams progess throughout the season.


Oh, nearly forgot about the Commando war comic books, would buy 2 of these & ROTR with my paper-round money

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My son has a subscription to the Beano. It's pretty good to be fair and most of the strips are still funny. He's bought the Dandy a few times but it's quite strange now and I'm not really sure what market it's aimed at these days so I can't say I'm surprised it's going to shut.


Looks like they'll be moving a few of the characters over to the Beano which will make that stronger too.


I was a real Roy of the Rovers fan as a kid, it was pretty much the only magazine I bought. Rick Stewart was my hero.

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