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I posted this on the away fans thread but I have been advised there will be a better response posting it on the Main Board


Ive noticed today that someone has started an e-petition to the Government for TV Companies to publish their Live fixtures 12 weeks in advance so that fans can travel to away games cheaper using advance fares. The live TV fixtures for March have still not been announced and we are only 5 weeks away to the beginning of March.




If this effects you, please take the time to complete the petition and if you are registered with any other fans forum please pass it on

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I've pinged this on Twitter for Global Saints.


It is bollix that I need to buy a flight ticket in next 7 days to get a 30% discounted flight home to watch the Scouse game at SMS. And yet I STILL don't know IF it will be played on that day.


Unfair on UK travelling Saints fans but also unfair on the increasing number of us who are getting organised but who live abroad

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