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  1. http://0dt.net/video/2042142.html Is working for me
  2. Record is: Millwall League Cup WON Manu FA CUP WON (Tim Flowers and Glenn Cockerill's rumoured Cup of tea) Bolton League Cup LOST (I was there and Paul Jones took one to put it into Sudden death and then Marsden missed) Derby POS LOST (Why did Leon Best who'd had such a bad game take one?) Torquay FLC WON Norwich FLC WON (That little urchin kid ran on the pitch and Papa Wago picked him up) Everton LC WON
  3. I don't know (well I do now since I wikied it) But it's amazing nowadays to think that from September 1955 to May 1991 we only had 3 managers...
  4. Thankfully it goes stright to pens now and we will we spared an extra 30 minutes...
  5. It'll be Wembley fever at QPR, winning 2-0 and look on course to play a 3rd game in the League Cup for the 1st time since 2009.
  6. Tadic has missed a pen for Ajax in Champions League.
  7. ******** that you can buy this but not the actual shirt....
  8. There is 100% no streams. The only other match you can watch is Swansea v Palace.
  9. Nah, I've checked - the only other option for a live game (other that Wimbledon v West Ham) is Swansea v Palace. Shame, as it's the only all Premmy tie (or maybe because of that - they knew we'd both filed weakened teams).
  10. No one dislikes Everton more than me (trust me). But I do find this amusing. A lot of people touching themselves over Wolves - I seen a lot of fans on here and pundits having them in the top 10. On what basis? Spending a zillion pounds on 59 Portugese players that no one has heard of? They are poor. They will struggle. Same as any team that comes up. And they certainly won't finish higher than us.
  11. There was a little Tadic by adysaint Wadsworth Longfellow: There was a little Tadic, Whose pens had little curl, Right down the middle of goal most-did. When he was good, He was very, very good, And when he was bad he was horrid.
  12. Won 3-0 Was about 15-20 Saints fans there - including relatives of the players. Hesketh cut inside and curled a nice right footer in - then after a nice exchange on edge of box, placed a low shot in - was really nice goal. Was typical loads of subs in 2nd half - but Marcus Barnes who been nuisance with his pace and direct running, chased a lost cause down, got in front of his man and got bundled over in the box. Was a bit soft, but there was contact. Barnes picked up the ball, and went stright down the middle. Play Marseille in the Final tomorrow 5pm - the Official programme says its live on the Freesports Channel (whatever that is) but google says: Freeview HD 95 , Sky 442 and Virgin 130 / 553reeview HD channel 95, Sky channel 422, Virgin TV 130/553. Was a really nice day out at a nice local club (my Dad who was a decent Amatuer player told me he'd played a Season there back in the 70s which meant I couldn't dislike them as much as I had intented to.) and I met a couple of North East based fans as well.
  13. Anyone North east based going today? Just be warned that the ground itself is well out of South Shields - the nearest Metro station is Bede and its a short walk from there. I'm born and bred in North Shields across the river so this is a big game for me with a bit of natural animosity since they have a bit of money now and stole North Shields manager and best players. Oh, and their Vase win couple seasons back is well tarnished. In an earlier round they were losing 4-2, down to 10 men, 10 minutes to go, when the Morpeth lad belted in the 4th, the Floodlights mysteriously went off and they couldn't get them back on. The FA bizarely ordered them to replay the whole match - they won 3-0 and went on to lift the Cup @ Wembley. They have never had any trouble with the floodlights before or since...
  14. Just seen the 3rd kit - bit bonkers considering the only 2 times we've needed a 3rd kit is v Bournemouth - they go and make a 3rd kit which definately can't be worn v Bournemouth. And when they make a nice 3rd kit like the white one above - you can't buy it. Then they make a 'meh' 3rd kit and you can. We'll obviously wear yellow v Bournemouth and not change v Wolves - so there is no need whatsoever for a 3rd kit. But I'm one of those stupid fans who has to buy all 3... Incidently St Chalet would you share how you got that white 3rd? Are you people who knows people? You are not that Matchworn dude - he posts as Matthew Le Tissier I think... Please don't say something like: "It was in the Concourse sale - £10"
  15. I am Swiss fan and if Shaqiri comes to St Marys he will probably end up taking a restraining order against me cos I will be outside before every game wanting to touch him. When he signs my flag he will say: "Man, I already signed this 20 times - there's my signature from last week..." We should also go for the CB Fabian Schar - very underrated and goal threat from set pieces as well. At Deportivo La Coruna who got relegated from La Liga so would be likely available.
  16. Lallana has come on and run round like a headless chicken so far. He'll probably score the winner 90+5 Sort of clever by Ramos to make it look like an accident - he could of let go of his arm but he didn't. Still worried about Navas flapping at stuff. How long does it take for a disc. shoulder? Egypt flooped for World Cup - their goalkeeper is like 46 or something...
  17. I'm actually half tempted. I always put money aside each month in case we qualify for Europe anyway. And that £1145 is pretty good considering the first flight search I did to get me from where I live Newcastle via Amsterdam to Shanghai to arrive the day before was £1001 I thought getting the hols off work would be bad cos off kids off school etc... but all dates are available and some I already have off for the World Cup. I've always wanted to go somewhere bonkers to see a Saints game (I'm the same guy who always kept bangin on about wanting to go to Kazakhstan on the Europa threads). But can I really be pooped to go half way round the world for a non-competitive game?
  18. bet365 odds on the Danish Elections. Anyone fancy a flutter?
  19. The good thing is now that suddenly all the points count. Instead of having to go on about Watford handball and Everton's overtime equaliser they now shouldn't matter. And we now appreciate not losing at home to Brighton, Stoke, Swansea, Huddesfield, Newcastle instead of not beating them. Wonder what's the fewest wins anyone has stayed up with?
  20. Yep - f*****g none of them. With Burton down and Cardiff up - there was only Bristol City I was bothered about.
  21. I think I said similar in another post that the top teams have done us nothing against the s**t and tonight was a direct result of the top 4 being so uncompetitive. Can you imagine Man U playing like that if they'd only been a point behind Man City? Fair play to Brighton I guess - they're one of the worst teams I've seen this season. But they did it when it mattered. Like most of the other dross down there - they annoy me with wins over Arsenal and Man U - but when you actually want them to beat Huddesfield, the lad does a suicidal backpass to gift them a point...
  22. Banned clubs as a result of Heysel which was proven in a court of law to have been their fault and some of their fans served jail terms for manslaughter. But due to media bias it's the 'H' word no one mentions anymore. [TABLE=class: wikitable] [TR] [TH=bgcolor: #EAECF0, align: center]Seasons[/TH] [TH=bgcolor: #EAECF0, align: center]European Cup[/TH] [TH=bgcolor: #EAECF0, align: center]European Cup Winners' Cup[/TH] [TH=bgcolor: #EAECF0, align: center]UEFA Cup[/TH] [/TR] [TR] [TD]1985–86[/TD] [TD]Everton[/TD] [TD]Manchester United (4th)[/TD] [TD]Liverpool (2nd) Tottenham Hotspur (3rd) Southampton (5th) Norwich City (League Cup Winners (20th))[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]1986–87[/TD] [TD]Liverpool[/TD] [TD]Everton (2nd)[/TD] [TD]West Ham United (3rd) Manchester United (4th) Sheffield Wednesday (5th) Oxford United (League Cup Winners (18th))[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]1987–88[/TD] [TD]Everton[/TD] [TD]Coventry City (10th)[/TD] [TD]Liverpool (2nd) Tottenham Hotspur (3rd) Arsenal (4th) (League Cup Winners) Norwich City (5th)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]1988–89[/TD] [TD]Liverpool[/TD] [TD]Wimbledon (6th)[/TD] [TD]Manchester United (2nd) Nottingham Forest (3rd) Everton (4th) Luton Town (League Cup Winners (9th))[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]1989–90[/TD] [TD]Arsenal[/TD] [TD]Liverpool (2nd)[/TD] [TD]Nottingham Forest (3rd) (League Cup Winners) Norwich City (4th) Derby County (5th) Tottenham Hotspur (6th)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]1990–91[/TD] [TD]Liverpool[/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  23. I still buy one for every game I go to - but I don't know why really. Especially if its the away team as they usually only have about 4 pages of largely inaccurate information that you already know. I think I read a good quote from a Leeds fan who had shelves full of everything going back to the 60s in individualy marked folders by season: It was something like: "I don't collect programmes - I just don't throw them away."
  24. I'm actually feeling pretty positive - I did think beforehand it would be a draw. We struggled last 20 and I was happy not to get beat. I also like having 29pts now. The multiples of 3 from there go nicer - 29 / 32 / 35 / 38 etc. We will very obviously beat Bournemouth and then we'll see what we need to do from there. I don't subscribe to the: "We've only won 1 game in x - what makes you think we'll win 3 games in y?" theory. Sunderland had done nothing to suggest that they'd get anything from the games they left a few seasons ago. When you're in the poo poo anything can happen.
  25. That was last Saturday - great 2 nil at Top 2 chasing Shrewsbury tonight put them back in Top 6
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